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Kellyann May Navarre Jun 13
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Check the facts.” Balance my thoughts and emotions. And all around lift my mood a bit. One side validates the struggle. The other helps balance it. And I’ve found this strategy super effective
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Dr. Princess Tammy 9 Dec 15
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Gary with big cock. 🐌 Mar 9
Didn't remember my () skills when my brother aggressively opened the door b/c I forgot my keys again. I said he doesn't have to be aggressive b.c. I have then I said he always has a "bitch ass attitude" & he got more upset.
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is an amazing opportunity to tweet w/others around the world who have and/or who want to learn . It's starting in a few minutes!
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Got or struggle with intense emotions? Our entirely online course could be a game-changer for you! Check it out at >>>
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Gary with big cock. 🐌 Mar 8
Almost yelled at my gf b.c. I couldn't find her after I got out of the restroom after calling/texting several times. Then I remembered my () skills and waited for her to call me back.
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WalkingOnEggShells Jan 28
to be told the wait for my childs treatment is anywhere between 9-12 mths has hit me like a ton of bricks, i cannot believe that any person who suffers with and is left in limbo
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𝑫𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒉 π’ƒπ’š π‘―π’Šπ’ƒπ’‚π’„π’‰π’Š β›© Nov 18
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TheThoughtfulBeast Feb 5
We need to start changing our mind about emotions. Emotions are not bad. We just need to learn more about them. Click to read my blog post discussing the fuctions of emotion.
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Carl E. Clark II Jun 12
DYK: is designed to help individuals manage their and more effectively. A total of 35 clinicians across the country are currently undergoing intensive training.
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themindfulnesscircle Sep 16
Acceptance & committed action is different than distraction. There is definitely a place for skilful distraction as is taught in . Distraction tends to use…
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TAMUCC Department of Counseling and Ed Psych Sep 10
Check out this awesome book on dialectic behavior therapy interventions with adolescents co-written by our very own Dr. Michelle Hollenbaugh! It’s available on Amazon, and we are so proud of her hard work! πŸ€—πŸ‘
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Aixa 2 Oct 15
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WalkingOnEggShells Jan 30
Waiting 2 Weeks for an assesment Waiting a futher 2 Weeks for the report Waiting approx 9 -12 months for treatment......
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Louise Dolphin 16 Sep 14
Came across this quote I haven't seen before when reading about
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judypancoast Dec 21
I’m a 59-year old woman with . Your pain is real. I strongly hope you are getting . It works. You can learn how to manage all of these horrible emotions that make you feel like life isn’t worth living. You have a life worth living.
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What or other coping skill are you using today to help tolerate distress, regulate your emotions, be more intepersonally effective, and to be mindful? β€οΈπŸ¦‰
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PBS Healthcare Nov 29
We love our fur babies here! Hanging out and playing with a pet can be an effective activity to distract from distress.
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Illness to Wellness 29 Mar 16
that's a great question. I've done a lot of and to help (1/2)
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ε’Œε­ζ™΄ 11 May 18
It’s a dark place. I’m sorry to see depression take a beautiful human being. is needed for moe people now than ever. Be kind to ALL & yourself.
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