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These Tiddys is A Cop🤦🏾‍♀️ Jan 21
Hillary's campaign coined and . Anyone paying attention to her blanket detest of the American voting public?
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lreid Jan 23
Replying to @EricTrump
Because are incredible and Trump is the
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Thank you !!! 🌄🌵 What a great night with a great theatre of !!
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Tom Hayes Jan 24
Replying to @glennkirschner2
I can't imagine U.S. Senators appreciate being threatened. But, who knows with this group. So far they seem intimidated by our Doufus-In-Chief and his band of .
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Devin Nunes’ Resignation Letter 15h
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Karen M Jan 23
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
I'm honestly starting to believe that not a single trump thumper is watching the impeachment hearings..they all just tune into his Twitter or fox to tell them how to think..
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Civics 101 15h
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KDH⚖️ Jan 23
Replying to @NavyNana2
I hate these condescending cons. Picking on a young girl. They really are way to take the pressure off your corrupt boss.
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Wine Cave Jan 25
I knew 🍊🤡 was incapable of putting country before self but I honestly never could believe that the legislative and judicial branches were equally unmoored from the truth and integrity. What a naive fool I was.
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Nomad2020 Jan 25
Indiana boy, 4, dies after father's gun discharged as they play-wrestled via . 2A for life! Sad that little boy doesnt have a life anymore...fuqing Cunt$ and their guns!
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#TheResistance 6h
Replying to @AlisonMorrisNOW
Between your racist comment and all of these popping up disrespecting all of you have stolen the narrative and taken the focus off of his death. Slip of the tongue? Maybe. Better correct it an not through a tweet.
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BaldyBean 11h
Typical. He is presented with a question that is completely valid but can't handle it because he knows he is a lying POS like the entire Trump team.
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Chris Asher 10h
At what point did you think it was a good idea to take comments away from Kobe’s story? Maybe when “good another liberal is dead” had the most upvotes? You should feel proud of your sanctuary for
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🇨🇦 Canadian Political Junky Jan 23
Replying to @KurtSchlichter
And then they wonder why she called you all ???
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🌈 🄼 🄰 🅇 🍑 11h
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Tim Hogan Jan 25
1. What the lawyers are going to find in 2021 is that an attorney who allows their services to be used for on-going crimes is called a co-conspirator. and his team of are all going to be charged with crimes. They are all going to be disbarred.
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BIG MIKEY 24 Jan 25
Replying to @RyanAFournier
I’m pretty sure it’s a plan from Hillary to suicide us all
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cin mann Jan 24
Absolutely disgusting. Coming from a man who nitpicked over literally everything. Bernie can't win the nomination by running a campaign with character. Instead, he is doing voter outreach to Real DEMOCRATS don't consider this a strength.
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Jackie💜💛MambaForever824 Jan 24
Replying to @RepSwalwell
Republicans will create any excuse to look the other way and vote to let him off unscathed. Hillary had a word for that.
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Bitch on Wheels 16h
Replying to @MollyJongFast
HRC nailed it when she called them
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