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James Melville 9h
Germany 🇩🇪 Netherlands 🇳🇱 and Denmark 🇩🇰 are building an island that will provide renewable energy to 80 million people.
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LinkedIn Local Aarhus 20m
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Caring for next generation❤️ is just announced as the best country in the world to raise children 👶 Some of the reasons are the generous and flexible parental leave system, as well as a family friendly society with a high level of safety.
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The Culture Vulture 15m
Denmark ranked easiest business culture among top 50 world economies
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Ismail Hossain 🇧🇩 Jan 20
Sex without consent is rape. So tell to recognize this in law.
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Lone Athanasakis Jan 18
This morning I woke up at 4 am. I had dreamed that someone called me because there were aurora. I checked the data and found that nothing was going on. So I went to sleep again 😂Do you think it is withdrawals? ;-) Photo is from nov. 2017 in
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Lone Athanasakis Jan 17
Today the sun is actually shining😍 This one is from this morning 30 minutes before sunrise :-)
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Lone Athanasakis Jan 15
Between thunderclouds these beautyful nlc was lightning up the sky. From summer 2019 in
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Copenhagen Capacity 8h
has the world's best social mobility, providing equal and to pursue 😃🙌🏽🍀
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Being LGBTQ Podcast🏳️‍🌈 21h
changes 1988 health legislation to allow gay men to give blood 🩸👏
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Lone Athanasakis Jan 19
A great night in December. Ordrup beach (click to enlarge)
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Aviation Toulouse Jan 15
First test flight for the second yesterday. 🇸🇪🇳🇴🇩🇰
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Toori_9 11m
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Adam James Brewster 5m
Lets talk about you, Lets talk about fashion, Lets go with our gut. NEW BLOG POST—LINK IN BIO! 📸: gigglamo • • • •
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Urquhart Opticians 21m
A new take on a classic! Acetate Aviators with a moulded bridge from ProDesign Denmark 👏👏
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Royal World Thailand 57m
🇩🇰 's Queen Margrethe II with Princess Benedikte at the musical performance marked the centenary of the Reunification of South Jutland to Denmark at the Royal Theatre ควีนมาร์เกรเธอและเจ้าหญิงเบเนดิกเทอ ทอดพระเนตรการแสดงดนตรีที่โรงละครหลวง 📸 Ritzau/Scanpix
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Anders Adamsen Jan 21
“There is no bad , only inappropriate clothing!” Great day in today! Overcast, temperature of 6˚Celsius, refreshing winds from the west at 9 m/s, wind chill at 2˚C. A local kindergarten has fun in the sand 🏖 🎏 | | 🚲
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Denmark 1914-1918 Jan 20
One of the propellers from the German Zeppelin LZ 24/L 3, which crashed on the beach on Fanø in February 1915. The propeller is now displayed at 'Krigsmuseet' in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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is the most socially mobile country in the world according to the new Global Social Mobility Index ⤵️
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Syncier 4h
Syncier to hold the keynote speech at Microsoft Envision Forum FSI Denmark. Join us to hear how we transform the insurance industry and which role plays in our journey.
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