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🇺🇸W L Miller🇺🇸Proudly Deplorable 20h
Logic Makes No Sense! 1. Let's save kids, then kill babys. 2. Free everything, then let's tax them 90% makes them dependent on us. 3. Take their guns, then they're our Tax Slaves to make us rich and can't fight back I could do this all day with their stupid idea's
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OcalaNurse 3m
Replying to @FOX4
What are excelling at
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James Woods Mar 21
Why I generally ignore rants by about overturning the , the , or the : these are Constitutional mandates. If, however, liberals want to change them, there is a tough process wisely designed by the Founding Fathers. Good luck!
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🇺🇸Ben Jack’d🇺🇸 5h
Sometimes I think I’m Sick of Politics but I’m not, I’m just sick of Liberal Democrats!! Can I get an Amen??
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Lori 52m
Seriously, fellow - this is no time for self sabotage. The stakes are way too high. (thread)
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BamaBeast 20h
A couple of things I have noticed about : Can't do basic math. Ex: $25 bil for a wall or $350 bil min for social services Don't understand the meaning of certain words. EX: AMERICAN CITIZEN Give inanimate objects human characteristics. Ex: Walls are immoral.
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Dawn Chase Carmichael 32m
Mueller report has been submitted and crying chuck and boozing Nancy quickly put out a joint statement stating no "peeking " to POTUS. 🤣🤣🤣 Oh the are squirming like worms on a hook.
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Call To Repent 2m
Replying to @marklutchman
They said the same thing in 2000 when Gore lost whine consistently ...
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Bill Mitchell 9h
All the rumors are that the Mueller Report will be a giant against Trump. How do you think the and will react?
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Joe Certa Mar 21
Replying to @frfrankpavone
I can no longer stomach the hate and anger coming from the .
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KIM⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3h
Well look who just caught up... Really, all are just using Black ppl, they don’t give a rats ass about anyone but themselves and advancing .
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Kevin C. 2m
Mueller So the MEDIA and lied for two+ years. Millions wasted for: Papadopoulos-lying to FBI Manafort-financial crimes Gates-one false statement-one conspiracy/Manafort charge Flynn-lying to FBI Pinedo-identity theft van der Zwaan-lying to FBI
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Tim Xander 29s
is out and reccomends no further indicments, so # and the have big time egg on their face, and their lies have been exposed. ZERO
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Mike 2m
“MuELLeR iS cOmiNg” Democrat’s can’t say that anymore
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hellokittysks💋💋💗 32m
Unfortunately, what Millennials do not realize or understand is the and several in the U.S. Government, are responsible for their "non-prosperity," due to the GIGANTIC TAX BURDEN it has placed on them!
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Name cannot be blank 1m
Also running for president all be like "we need to unify our party... Around me."
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Common Sense  Conservative 6m
Replying to @mitchellvii
Thanks for wasting more tax payers money . Less money now for your illigials and felons. Sad!! Lock up and throw away the key.
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dannyhale 17h
I'll yell at you if I meet you in a public place, throw water or food at you...well, I'll basically do what do
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Adam Broker 49m
We are sure than you are proud of this... You are a cruel person Gavin. You do not deserve the title of Governor. You have lost any trust we had in you. Please resign and step down. The people dont want you.
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Ray 17h
Replying to @RealCandaceO
You could do this forever. =
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