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Jason Nichols Sep 13
NH polls have ahead of Harris, Buttigieg, Castro, Booker, Yang, and Klobuchar.
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John Stossel Sep 12
Will tonight's debate be more of "Free Stuff 2020"? Each candidate has massive new spending proposals. I counted up their plans and ranked the cost:
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Fr. Frank Pavone 🇺🇸 Sep 12
These hypocrites say they do not want to cage children. But they don’t care about dismembering them. They oppose an imagined evil and deny a real one. True to form, !
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Dave Ross Sep 12
Maaaaaaan I’ve watched all 3 debates in totality. (As we wrap up this third one) and so far, BY FAR just makes the most COMMON SENSE. It’s really refreshing.
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Joseph Puopolo 14h
Cool video, these are the type of targeted candidates that the need to run all over the country.
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Wharfrat 17h
Replying to @KamVTV @NYYFan63
I remember Sheila Jackson...she's the one handing out envelopes at the phony Kavanaugh hearings...
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Freeborn Black Woman First of Her Name 🖤 Sep 12
Check out my latest piece about and share! "Psst! All the Kings Horses, Media Outlets and Men Cannot Put Biden Back Together Again"
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Truth Seeker 17h
Attention Dems. Do not. I repeat do not hold another hearing without Barry Berke. He is fierce! Leave the legal stuff to your counsel. He is nailing Corey.
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Patriot_mother Sep 17
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Jack Lee Roberts 🍑 14h
I’m so sick and tired of pussy-ass scared of upsetting people who will NEVER EVER vote for them. People keep wondering-Why aren’t Americans marching in the streets? Maybe it’s because Dems keep acting like this can all be resolved with civility & decorum. It can’t.
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FLAutismMom Sep 13
are following ! proposes the removal of exemptions & makes medical exemptions IMPOSSIBLE. Now makes it misdemeanor of second degree to refuse day 1 eye drops!
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Marcie Jacobs Sep 13
Replying to @ChuckCallesto
That’s all the do is waste time.
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Philip Eisner 20h
One time, my father was found in contempt of court by a municipal judge. He was immediately remanded to the city jail for 30 days. Apparently, a municipal judge has more authority that the United States Congress. : nut the fuck up.
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#StopTalkStartDoing Sep 16
Replying to @JackPosobiec
But they won't. protect their own.
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❌MAGAPATRIOT 2.0❌ 🇺🇸 Sep 16
Replying to @JeffreyToobin
If it came from , it must be true. Hey, I saw bigfoot flying a UFO!!! 🤣🤣
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Stephen Black Sep 13
Watch this. Even a female dog cares more about her babies than & some care about unborn human babies in trying to rescue babies in peril! When dogs are smarter & more compassionate.
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JMN Sep 12
Replying to @RepMattGaetz
That’s one of the reasons they are doing it. on the Judiciary want to protect the wrongdoings and lawlessness of the Clinton campaign, the DNC and the Deep State. All of which conspired in a coupe attempt against a duly elected President
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One Big Liar Sep 13
: Sometime on the weekend I like to follow a dozen far right and then a dozen far left , and keep score on the number of people who block me. My favorite Party is the all.
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RedRover Sep 13
I btw all you Democrats that feel that you have a station in life to speak down to anyone from ICE/CBP, remember, they took the same oath you did. Only to them, they meant it. Not for free trips overseas or elaborate dinners for donations. shame on you
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Polling USA Sep 13
Dem Primary Polling: Biden: 28% Sanders: 13% Warren: 11% Harris: 8% Buttigieg: 4% O'Rourke: 3% Booker: 2% Yang: 2% USC Dornsife / September 8, 2019 / n=2462 / MOE 2% / Online
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