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(((The Dividist))) 52m
And divided government is more fiscally responsible / than either or unified one party rule government.
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James E Wells 3h
Replying to @deangloster
I am still surprised by the lack of concern over the states abuse of power and using the courts to retaliate over losing an election. This is simply a curusifiction. Wonder how well that's worked in the past?
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Sobiranistes 2h
Replying to @SobiranistesCat
"We need a solution meanwhile we should respond our citizen demands with a new policy agenda and also offering response in terms of epocal change."
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steve shirey 38m
Replying to @kwilli1046
Qualifying to join the party!
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Gary Rumbell 3h
Not anti , just pointless. If the people are asked for advice once, when it is ignored and they are asked a second time, will they answer? Should they answer? What would be the point?
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Anna 2h
Replying to @charliekirk11
The Kennedys would be far right wing in today’s party
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Milo™ Dec 13
The pride of the Caucus envisions the day when people can only express what he approves of.
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James Cuffe 3h
On RTÉ News: My argument on the need for design architectures in developing new , I'm wary of social credit systems by stealth via
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Dion Harper 8h
I don't see the as such: I see x amount of us, 👉 ✌🌏 👉
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MePoli TicsUS Dec 14
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Typical double standard
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johantheamerican 19h
Replying to @bdgrdemocracy
Honestly it's time for mainstream democrats to get behind the new movement and stop being so polite.
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Lexi Dec 6
Replying to @Dax_x98 @BernieSanders
He’s not a nor does he wish to be one. & so it’s not possible for him to be the pick!✌🏼
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BHP Animal Watch Dec 14
Why when the real solution to crisis is a General Election do we need another referrendum?
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A Fair Go 5h
Under , an government may have to compensate for this decision by the Court was never subject to public scrutiny or negotiation - so how could give free and informed consent?
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ComComist Erez Elul namZeZaM Dec 14
Liquid Union as new form of or a new , , white-labeled, - type of organization to supply the needs of the people creating their mass in it while building their progressive on
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Richard Quinn Dec 13
Yes, I am a . But I don't argue to keep going, just one more. A) A vote based upon lies (both sides) is not B) Two votes should have been plan from outset: 1) the general principle; 2) (obviously better informed) on the detail with option to reverse 1
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Lightning Services Dec 14
Replying to @BiddleIan @KialoHQ
It was a vote - One Person = One Vote for all those meeting the legal requirements. That makes it democratic. Don't be silly. Just grow up and stop throwing tantrums.
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RootsAction Dec 14
A vote by former Sanders delegates to the 2016 Convention was 408 “yes” to 23 “no” in response to: “Do you favor a relaunch of the independent Bernie Delegates Network in 2019?”
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African Watchman 9h
The people of must be allowed to exercise their rights. We stand in solidarity with the people of the country. has failed his people and has always been serving the interest of the rich since he came to power.
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Malik Arsalan 13h
Even the of our country is being mislead by our ..
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