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LostInTheProduceIsles 5m
Replying to @StormIsUponUs
I think this just goes to show what a traitor John Roberts really is. He could just come right out and say that the MSM is lying, but he doesn't. Wonder why?
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MoralVolcano ▄︻┻┳═一 11h
Replying to @Acosta
Dear Acosta, The amendment was not for the .
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Brother David :{D} 3h
Replying to @AltcoinSara
Well Sara, Birthing more new coins, hasn’t really helped mainstream adoption. We need to focus on finding more loving homes for our best coins to with. We need to lift up the ! Our independence from 🏦⚠️🏛 Is a start.
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WronkleDonkle 3h
Just doing deep state stuff. Making pizzas in my basement
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Jimmy G Feb 14
Replying to @ByronYork
Its called a coup and all the fbi and justice dept ppl involved should go to jail but i won’t be holding my breath, that is why McCabe admitted it, he is trying to get rich selling a book and, most importantly he knows nothing will happen to him and his deep state buds
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Guy Lavender 24h
Replying to @charliekirk11
This stifles the imagination. Who wouldve rationally thought the was real before they gave us proof in attacking Trump?
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Christopher Glynn 9h
Cream always rises to the top. Trump is innocent and the filth has been exposed.🇺🇸
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McCarthyism Today! 🔥 Feb 14
Brainstorming headline for this latest news on TRUMP COMMITTED WAR CRIME IN SYRIA ...Liberals ignore and cheer on that advised bombing...
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Say-Huh? Feb 14
EVERYTHING is connected to THEM! THEY need to go!
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JAL Feb 10
Replying to @drewblevins77
Please understand ... presidents are SELECTED ... not ELECTED ... Politics is simply the entertainment division of the on the way to ...
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Kale'forniacation Feb 14
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Carlos Danger 21h
Replying to @TWPundit
So soon? Did he run out of crimes to cover up or something?
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BURNT Rubber Feb 14
Now that it's out there, how about keeping this failed coup a failed coup.
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BBQAnon Feb 10
The wants you to use queso with processed cheese. I made it with real cheese.
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individualsuccess Feb 14
This is so terrifying, an attempted coup d'état against duly elected . It's the biggest political story of our time.
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BBQAnon 11h
The wants me to have weak wings. So I put a bunch of different hot sauces on them! Eat that Deep State!
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Peter Pyke 28m
Replying to @Rubiconski @stranahan
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John Sanchez Feb 14
Replying to @jguad14
The HAS CONTINUED.. With CORRUPTION Being Pumped Into The LEFTIST Dry Veins And Void of a WILL For Righteousness ...They Believe a man ADMITTING To a 25th Amendment Takeover... Better Known As "A POLITICAL COUP" "WE THE PEOPLE" Know It As COVERING his ASS !!!
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Thomas Lackey 21h
Replying to @BetoORourke
Do you understand what the act of is? You and the rest of the and are attempting a which is Un-American and despicable.
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Lori Armstrong Feb 7
Replying to @seanhannity @AOC
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