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Karan Kurbur 58m
Will we have to pick between using our ETH in apps or staking?
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Crypto Nerd Jnr Dec 7
community is on the verge of receiving its first direct fiat on-ramp to services like decentralized exchanges or tokenized collectibles marketplaces. * Decentralized exchange already has a fiat on ramp.
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Sahabia🦅 Dec 10
Why needs to the greatest extent; •Very Poor Access to Banking Services •Lack of transparency in governance •Mismanagement of public funds •Poor Remittance Services •Rampant Inflationary problems etc🤔 Africa has a lot to benefit from networks
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Alex Masmej ☄️ alexmasmej.eth Dec 10
[THREAD] Last month I started a Telegram group around what I firmly believe will be the next huge trend: undercollaterization. Here are my takeaways and pieces from the brilliant people who took part in the discussion:
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⬡ The_Crypto_Oracle ⬡ Dec 11
You want the most decentralized price feed for BTC in the market, we got you fam!
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Ether.gush.hose Dec 12
I take my Certified Organic 😜
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CN 🚀📫💡 8h
Based Forecast to Hit $5 Billion in 2020
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DeFi Info 20h
One of our favorite wallets. is the first smart wallet for cryptocurrencies and apps. Free transactions, no paper back ups and simple addresses.
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DeFi Info Dec 12
Name your favorite project in the comment section below. The top 3 DeFi projects with the most likes will recieve a mention from us after voting has closed. If someone has already named your project in the comment section below simply like their comment. Closes 16th Dec
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DeFi Info Dec 9
In under 48 hours we will be mentioning a new and innovative project to look out for in 2020. At the moment its a relatively unknown project but we are predicting it's going to take decentralized finance by storm in 2020.
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Williams Lai Dec 10
Why there are usually lots of attacks on ERC20 token or application? Smart contract developers may be blamed because of their incautious behavior when programming. However, fundamentally the account model of Ethereum is also one important factor.
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Vigor Stablecoin Dec 10
Things are heating up here at Vigor...MVP #2 was just pushed to Jungle testnet and the community is filled with excitement!! Vigor DAC continues to gain talented and enthusiastic community members with a common goal.... BUILD! Come build with us!
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Grab them by the 🐈 2h
Replying to @Donalt_Trader
It may still go a lot below from current price but start accumulating. You don't want to wake up one morning and find it already pumped 200% overnight and you missed the boat again. Start buying from here. is future.
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accurate 8h
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🔹️Meter is a decentralized finance (DeFi) infrastructure with a unique economic and consensus design. 🔹️It provides a truly decentralized programmable money that allows decentralized businesses to grow, not compete with the underlying protocol.
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Wow! 86 Users in the last 24 hours!
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DeFi Info Dec 10
1/ Here is the project we believe will take by storm in 2020. was created by the and the community in August 2019. PegNet is a decentralized, non custodial network of tokens pegged to multiple market-defined assets and values. Peg tokens will
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Steven Cheng 2h
A good overview on
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PegNet Dec 12
In the next 5 hours, PegNet will be announcing a special holiday treat for the community. Stay tuned...! ‘Tis the season to 🌟
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Josh Lawler Dec 11
2 years ago, less than $10 million worth of was used in . Today? 2.7 million ETH is locked into DeFi, which is around 2.5% of the ETH supply.
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