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Bryan Mar 31
Are you ready for ? You can use the handy schedule below to follow when you'll be without cell service or mobile data. Tune into to learn everything you need to know!
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Katlego Mar 31
National schedule: 😥
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Expresso Show Mar 31
The Mobile Institute of SA will roll out nationwide starting today. Mobile data for specific cellphone numbers will be switched off periodically. Compare the first 3 digits of your number to this schedule to see when you'll be affected.
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Johannes Dec 7
Replying to @TelkomZA
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francoislr 24 Oct 17
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🇿🇦Le Ntokozo🇸🇿 Dec 10
we have yet another
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Expresso Show Apr 1
Did you get caught by any jokes yesterday? We're happy to announce that there will be no !
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MARNI Mar 13
care to explain? Are we on a quota system for a product? For instance, if I buy 9 pairs of shoes a year, have I then exceeded my National Shoe Limit? Are you turning into Eskom?
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Ali from the Valley 12 Oct 15
Replying to @Leerah_Mogale
hahaha that probs again
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Sam Kekana 20 Dec 15
Replying to @thato_nkotsi
@ROXYTEETHATO lol i was suffering
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Riz (Bond)  🇿🇦🇪🇺 🇫🇷 Mar 20
Before it goes dark for four hours in South Africa. Before the takes over coz the Mobile Operators service also goes into (Sadly in 21st Century) I shall my Tweets, charge my devices to stay in light.
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NGabrielse 30 Nov 17
Replying to @eNCA
🤣🤣🤣 are the guptas involved? 🤔
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Mathew Love Dec 7
. is now . Stage 1 will be no connectivity for the evening. Stage 2 will be no connectivity for a few days. Your monthly premium will remain unchanged. Thank you for your support.
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Detritus Feb 11
Seems like is leading to for lots of us. Fibre connection has been spotty since yesterday afternoon. :(
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Quinton Davie 1 Feb 12
Is it just me or is Telkom messing with lines in the area ? A la ... Am I experiencing my first ?
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Thato Wakwa Nkotsi 17 Feb 16
its bcz these two ~~~~ ~~~~ aint here to entertain us
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Rob Munro 7 Jul 15
Replying to @Afrihost
so we have to pay for full service but only get 50%? Sounds like and reminds of ! Am going to look elsewhere
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Tshepo Sefotlhelo Feb 11
Replying to @CellC
8GB has just gone in under an hour without touching phone, are u implementing guys?
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Andrew Larkins 21 Sep 17
Replying to @MTNza
Selected area - whole of Gauteng? First its eskom now it's MTN . Crazy. Please restore asap. My APN's are down
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please share this weekends
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