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Darul Uloom Pretoria Dec 4
Huzoor Qibla Peer Sayed Haseen ud Deen Shah Sahib conducted the official opening of a new hall facility at the Darul Uloom Pretoria's main campus prior to the Ulama Convention that was a part of the institute's 30th Annual Graduation Ceremony
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I am with THE STUPID-A d'able-bodied BODOH Malaysian parked car BPN 621 &WAE 7039@OKU/disabled parking bay Tmn Bahagia LRT stn,5December 2019,10am-CEPAT MATI,baik untuk MALAYSIA ekonomi
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Darul Uloom Pretoria Jan 1
Study at an institute with accredited higher Islamic education and a holistic approach to knowledge. Call us for enrollment!
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Darul Uloom Pretoria Dec 9
An informative and concise discussion on the modern complexities associated with Halaal food and consumables
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busybody CAMELIA Nov 19
my 1st tweet September 2016-Police Stations area r RUBBISH DUMPSITEs,Open car parks area r RUBBISH DUMPSITEs-Malaysia TONG SAMPAH
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Darul Uloom Pretoria Jan 19
The academic year for 2020 commenced in the 20th January In Sha Allah. May Allah grant the students of Deen a year filled with knowledge, understanding and growing nearer to Allah.
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