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Sydney Linton Jun 23
Folks ... You Yawn a+ S/He becomes POTUS. That IS how this began ... many MANY years ago. DECADEs, in fact. A lone, greedy Con-Man - son-of-a lone, greedy, Racist.
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Sydney Linton Jun 18
..... as they *should* be. Just as GOPers will be "held responsible" by whatever TRIBUNAL creates to Investigate-Indict-Convict EVERYone who was a part of the + that raped+pillaged AMERICA during the .
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Sydney Linton Jun 29
= Near to 129,000 Dead Americans in LESS Than 4 Months under the UnWatchful-Eye of aka aka aka aka
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Laura Hitt Jun 1
"The abuse of sacred symbols....antithetical to everything we stand for." Bishop overseeing church in shock over Trump photo-op
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Facts Elemental Jun 25
Science is not subordinate to politics
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