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Jarred Media Jan 20
Nice work getting ’s makeup artist
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Bobby 4h
My coworker just drew this for me and I’m just in awe.
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Basti Jan 17
My feelings about History Repeats, History should never be forgotten we already saw one time how its starts when Nazis are on the Power, we already saw it 1x in Germany and ya never can tell meh that the political leaders of polish were safe a part of the death ...
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- - Mother
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turbo_and_the_rogue 17h
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Grümpy Dan Jan 19
Yeeeeeeah the Twist of Cain, make me come alive
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bldzr Jan 13
Replying to @CNN
yo is it just me or does the mooch look like what would happen if cut his hair
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Janeykill Jan 15
and , for my 10th b-day and Danzig gave me a shout-out, then gave me a pick, and I got a setlist signed by the entire band. I thought that was what usually happened at metal concerts.
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Rik Jackson Jan 17
Currently in a mood
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Cemile Nalbantoglu Jan 14
My deepest condolences to 😪
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William French Jan 14
A trivial point really, but how do Poles feel about Germans using "old" names for their cities, ie /? Does it have same colonial connotations as Brits talking about Salisbury not Harare (or Kingstown/Dun Laoghaire? Always felt uneasy about it when living in DE.
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rocknroll rick Jan 17
' to DANZIG - Anything 🎶 Danzig lll - How The Gods Kill
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TorstenBerlin Jan 15
Replying to @olacicho @Lucian_Kim
knew only too well that without the Soviets / Russians no Poles would have ever annexed and settled there
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ToySkull Jan 20
La Muerte! T-shirt design I created while ago but never introduced it to the public. Should I add it to my shop? Are you guys willing to buy it? • • • • •
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- - Twist Of Cain
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The Starday Tavern Jan 21
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goodsadhappybad Jan 14
„I am European so my nature is to be open!“ RIP 🇪🇺
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Dexter Gaspard Jan 18
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Free Candy Jan 14
and with in Monroeville Pa at a ballroom in a hotel. The BlackAcidEvilTour!!!
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Michael Heine 🇪🇺 Jan 14
My deep sympathy to the affected family and to the Polish people.
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