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Yogi Sosa 2h
I think it’s unfair to discuss without discussing . Opedial complex is real af and those relationships are the root of the problem in millennial dating and interactions.
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CamdenPeoplesTheatre 5h
Replying to @YanaPenrose
1st Big Bang: What is it like, not having a dad? And how does it feel coming face to face with them once you’re already grown? by explores the complexity of growing up without a Dad, and the grit and shit it leaves you with 1 Oct.
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Erin Janus Sep 20
The 'relationship' Christians have with their God is not love, it is fear-based .
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Adam 22m
It should be against the law for gay guys to walk into Home Depot.
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Sacred Sex Priestess Sep 20
Shout out to all the girls and boys with daddy issues. Just a friendly reminder that daddy issues are your DAD'S issues. No child should ever blamed for the shortcomings of a parent.
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Amir June Kitagawa 7h
I really thought my dad cared. Lol WOW. me
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Brittany Sep 19
Sitting in my therapy office and listening to John Mayer’s “Daughters” playing on their radio, it makes me feel as though it’s inappropriate and I loathe his voice and music now.
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DivorcingANarc Sep 24
This is the same “Five-F” date-rape club my ex had at his perp school that he talks of. Fondly. No wonder he moved on to being the person he is....
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Conner Morrell 3h
Real talk girls on insta these days make me never want to have a daughter 🙅🏽‍♂️
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baby destiny Sep 20
Sugar daddy needed! I can give daddy all he needs ! Cashapp only don’t waste my time
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Moirrey Sep 23
The games focus too much on combat. That's true for the last 3. Lara needs to raid tombs. Seeing her as a murderer makes me care less about her... not relatable. Her emotional journey just seems so one-dimensional. Also
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kahionhatenion16 Sep 19
Is it normal to have feeling for another man
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Jake Levin 18h
Replying to @jeremiah_baxter
🤦🏼‍♂️ I would but you duckin
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Eric Field Sep 23
Everything was going fine until he noticed my shirt, then he force choked me.
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Phillip Zamarripa 4h
Bought my 6 year old a iPhone and she is driving me crazy FaceTime me all the time at work..
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Baveniyah ૐ Sep 24
Replying to @Jaegerbomb94
Yesss. . Omg la I need to meet you asap 😭
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Joshua Viohl 4h
Replying to @ColtKnost
Ha! Wants or needs
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Richard Rizzo Jr. Sep 17
so today I found out my papa doesn't like being called 'daddy' but she's not my real dad anyways, apparently she's my step-dad, but also doesn't want me saying step-daddy, so I shall now refer to her as "Steppy-Dad" 😂😭
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Sarah Sep 15
Replying to @AcaciaFRANK
Lmaooooo! Girl at least you went! I had 2 dads and both of them dipped 🏃🏽‍♂️💨 😂
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🌹sarah rose 🌹 Sep 17
at least i’m someone’s favorite cuz i’m not my dads 🤪
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