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Briefly - South African News Apr 23
Is there a problem here, or is it just coincidental? 👇🏾🤔
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papichulu❤️ 1h
After laughter, Comes tears 😭
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Sakhumzi Nkwali 10m
Replying to @AdvNgcukaitobi
But when he supported the in 2016 LGE you were amongst the 1st people who said he sold our Votes as voters,but not jiki jiki speaking about Consistency💆
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Dennis M. Apr 22
Replying to @SimonPGrindrod
It's not from the website... 😂🤣😂
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Top news story
Times LIVE 21h
The has been called many things, but aunty Pat is calling the the 'blue liars'.
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Jean Kriek 🇿🇦 Apr 22
| The 's leader confronting so-called white privilege & black poverty!🇿🇦 With this, the joins the & in their pursuit of black votes by blaming & bashing a white minority in SA! 📌Article: JOIN TODAY
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Lackadaisical John 3h
Replying to @colinjordaan
I cannot agree with BEE. It ruined my life and probably many others. It has weakened the whole country and destroyed infrastructure. How many success stories came out of BEE? It has not worked. But the cling to it to benefit themselves. The have turned into lite.
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Canny Maphanga Apr 24
marches to Premier David Makhura's office. Leaders carry signs saying "End corruption" as well as brown envelopes titled "bribes" .
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SalomoTheWise 7h
The is not listening. How many more times must people tell you to stop negative campaigning? Stop telling us is corrupt. We know there is corruption. as a leader you have been a disappointment is only hope
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Capitalist Nigger 5h
Whatever you do, even when you get in bed with the enemy the and Never forget what they are capable of. None of them apologized for this and they still have it in their heats.
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Tomasi 27m
Replying to @mthombothi
I think the cases is pursuing are to entrench and secure her APPOINTMENT. She is playing in political space, fight back of some sort. To gain sympathy from , & RET brigade. Like am investigating them (new regime), now they want me out. Me thinks.
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Times LIVE 18h
"The is claiming to be a non-racial party. It's really worse racists removing white people from where they have been."
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sensaytional communications Apr 19
is racist, by not decrying Zille's colonialism slant which is racist for dismissing the probability that Africans would have acquired modernity by own & other means than subjugation. Does she also acknowledge legacy benefits from the Holocaust, in medicine & psychology, say?
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sensaytional communications 19h
Re-rereading The Remorseful Day, Colin Dexter's best endeavour with Morse. One has arrived when able to spot the blunders before Dexter suggests them. Ah, hauteur! I should be mistaken for a supporter, like as not. Salut, Mr D, recycled, and many thanks for all the pleasure.
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Ellie Hale 1h
A fab example of a charity doing both is - using digital & data to capture evolving user insights that improve the services on offer AND bringing big tech companies together to have a conversation about these insights and how their tools are helping/harming people
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Steve Bandura Apr 23
Another running for office wants
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Luke & Ryan Hart Apr 17
So there is a yearly International Conference on Men's Issues. Great! Perhaps they're going to address that most male victims (of , violence, homicide) are victims of other men. Nope. Speakers include 'anti-feminists' and 'gender-inclusive' DA advocates.
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SABC News Online 21h
Tony Leon calls on South Africans to vote
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vonte. 12h
Everyone favorite 👨🏽‍⚕️🦷💉💰
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#DateMyFamily #DMFMzansi 18h
to know colurs!! And to notice that there's a certain colour missing in the flag😎☝🤔🤘
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Well done! When you have competence and the right party, magic happens! Well done .💙🇿🇦🌊
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