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Lo ❣️ Oct 15
I’m finally a Delta 🐘❤️!!! No matter how hard life gets I never fold, the strength and determination I have is bold beyond measures, God knew what he was doing when he made this one 😘
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Ahmed Nov 27
It's been 2 months since my postpaid sim card was disconnected. I've been paying and even updated my documents in the last week of October but it hasn't been activated yet. Called the helpline 4 times and they assured me it'll be activated. Is everyone on holiday ?
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Kunj Bihari Chaturvedi (KBC)🇮🇳 Nov 24
Birthday🎂 greetings to bhaiya (National office bearer, and Asst. Professor, ) Your dynamic personality and work inspires the upcoming generation and youth. May you always Stay Happy and Healthy.
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Coooos Nov 5
Small world. Hey one more , you ever eat at Burger King? They truly are the burger KING!
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Leanne Davies-Palmer Nov 27
Zac & Sophie-Rose in red, green & white to support today although Sophie-Rose can’t be with you today she wanted to support! Aswell as “black” day for Have a great day!! ❤️🤍💚🖤
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BLUEFUNK2020 Nov 28
Replying to @MeganDoesNOLA @du1869
alum & former faculty.
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Eja Nov 24
: Damn, why is it so hard to stop procrastinating. This bro right here have 0 self-discipline. 🙂
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Ivana Pavlovic Nov 18
Replying to @ivanajpavlovic
Dr was supervisor of a research (not published?) in which “both the best epidemiologists from & the most famous names in the field of mathematical models, failed to demonstrate that the increases the risk for the to develop cancer “.
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Bleu Voters Society 🗳️ Nov 21
Hey , remember to vote in the runoff elections before you leave! Here is a list of the early voting locations:
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Investigation Check Nov 9
02 — Investigation Check Brand Series
Here is our brand promise to you as we create and provide new content.
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Anushree Joshi Nov 11
Aishwarya Reddy was failed by her institution - - and the government, who have thrown students like her under the bus during the pandemic.
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Haus of Pride 🏠🏳️‍🌈🏠 Nov 13
Replying to @HausofPride
And join us tonight for a special screening of the documentary Disclosure which discusses how Hollywood has impacted Transgender people
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Unapologetic_nationalist 🇮🇳 Oct 27
Replying to @devikasmittal
overrated institutions, if people with abysmally low comprehension capabilities can pursue Phd there, it doesn't speak too well of the institution
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GQ. Oct 14
Yall definitely don’t want to miss anything hosted by 🥳🥳
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Helios News Agency Nov 30
-=ANNOUNCEMENT=- Keep an eye out! Big things are happening in the Helios System! Stay Tuned!
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LooKsbyL&K🤍 Nov 4
Come shop with us tonight! We will be at at 7PM🤍
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Landmark Institute Oct 23
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Political Science Society Nov 3
After all that marching, join us in the Student Union Theater at 7:30pm to watch the conclusion to this historic election. Pizza will be served 🍕
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Political Science Society Nov 18
Join the Political Science Society tonight at 7pm for a special screening of the Broadway Show Hamilton! Free Snacks will be provided!
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des🦋+^* Nov 10
Came to me ready to work, and work she did! ❤️ 8 day plan she is/ was on she went from 154lbs to 143Ibs!✨ Step into the new you today! ⬇️*click the link below* ⬇️
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