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reuschlaw 7h
The Commissioner for and of the State of Baden-Württemberg has expressed his views about the increasingly relevant topic of from the perspective of data protection law
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Paul Nemitz Apr 16
Court finds many clauses of Terms and Conditions to infringe . If they are still used by Google, where is the first imposing a fine ? This is an easy case for a #4% of world turnover fine.
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Paul Nemitz Apr 2
Formal complaint in against Europe’s “cookie wall” and GDPR guidance.
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RA Michael Seidlitz Apr 13
European Data Protection Board Guidelines 2/2019 on the processing of personal data under Article 6(1)(b) GDPR in the context of the provision of online services to data subjects Adopted on 9 April 2019
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financial unicorn Apr 1
Wasting hours to get the website up to date with those stupid rules. So ridiculous. In the end small bloggers suffer and big companies dont have to worry anyway with their legal departments.
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Nextcloud 📱☁️💻 Apr 4
If you need to check the in your organization for reasons (like the ), this set of guidelines can be used to assess if you're following "state of the art".
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Ulrich Kampffmeyer 4h
[DE] EU DSM: Free Flow of Data | Store and use your data whereever you want in the EU | PROJECT CONSULT
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Domenico Richter Apr 3
Replying to @EpicGames @Borderlands
- No benefits for Customers, only for Publishers. - No real Dataprotection. Even not supporting the which is important in EU - Spying in Steamdata on your harddrive without permission This are only a few of Reasons (not all) why you not buy it in
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Recruiting Stuttgart Apr 6
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Simpleum Media GmbH 7h
🎉 Save 50 % on for Mac this easter! Discount starts today: Happy easter 🐰
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Facebook unter Druck… » ... via @liebhaberreisende
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Paul Nemitz Apr 6
and Concerns Get White House to Embrace Global Cooperation and domestic federal legislation - The New York Times ⁦
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Schließen v. Lücken 20h
A self-made pic I so far exclusively used in is now in without my purpose!
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♇atrick Apr 4
Replying to @_vasch
Privacy 🤓
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BlockAxs - Smart Access Protocol Apr 3
Personal data on the blockchain is a difficult topic. We are pleased to publish a standard with DIN and others!
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Location Zero GmbH Apr 15
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Paul Nemitz Apr 12
The Project - The New York Times
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Dietmar Muhlbock 2h
says it 'unintentionally uploaded' 1.5 million people's email contacts without their consent -
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Renske Nouwens 4h
It is official! training in . Learn from the best.
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