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Huygens K.Tshibangu Apr 14
Replying to @USEmbKinshasa
These are interesting posts, but since it's based in Congo, it would even be better to adapt the info you give to the situation in . This will teach locals about the process to follow and know exactly where to go to protect their intellectual property.
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Bob M Kalala 9h
Replying to @tshidmukendi
These objectives were appropriate in 1800. Most of them were abolished in 1900 et most colonizers embarked on the development of their territories: construction of infrastructures (roads, schools, hospitals).Decolonization systematically reversed this trend.
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Paul philos 1h
one of the country that people are dying with malaria, no mosquitoes, not enough medecins Kids and women suffering. With little help people will be saved. . Be blessed And thank you for each SUPPORT
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Rita Katz Apr 18
BREAKING: , via Amaq, claims its first-ever attack in via an armed assault targeting the Congolese army in , a town near the border of . A major development considering ISIS' recent growth across parts of the continent.
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Marie Nanga 15h
Replying to @CohenOnAfrica
The Congolese killings are not considered genocide because it’s "believed to be an intertribal war" However, now that the announced its partnership with the it’s is now ISIS? Who created ISIS and who sent them to Congo?
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Ephrem CHIRUZA Apr 17
: The humanitarian crisis in Ituri and NorthKivu is horrifying. Besides the outbreak ongoing in both areas, needs are soaring for 1.28M+ people, mainly displaced who continue to lack food, shelter and protection. USD 160 M+ needed to help.
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Mike “Bingwa” Hammer 21h
.: Did you know it is quite likely that the cobalt in your smart phone battery came from the ? The DRC is the world’s top cobalt producer, accounting for about 60% of global production
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EU Humanitarian Aid 🇪🇺 5h
Thousands of Congolese have been displaced by clashes in northeastern . We work with to provide cash assistance to newly-arrived and vulnerable Congolese to help them find their feet in a new environment.
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Steve Herman 6h
Replying to @WHO
Epidemiologist from deployed to hit region of killed during attack on hospital.
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Laurie Garrett 7h
This is dreadful. Dedicated fighters are getting murdered in . I join in mourning, and add my outrage.
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BBC Monitoring 16h
has announced the formation of a new branch while claiming responsibility for its first attack in
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#Messiahette 8h
Empathy is among the most important leadership skills—it allows leaders to connect and quickly tune in to how others are feeling. Showing care and compassion to others is part of great leadership. Thank you 🙏🏽
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Kitenge LeGrand 7h
Very happy to learn about the relaxation of Chairman Moïse Katumbi by the Congo Supreme Court of Apeal, in Kinshasa today. There is someone who's not happy hundreds of km away from Kinshasa.
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JT 50m
Doctor treating Ebola victims killed during attack in Congo Opportunistic politicians still have not understood that must arise. Dr from Cameron just get killed because working to save lives. Very sad. Hope these bad guys will face justice soon
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Greg Folkers 44m
: Message from His Excellency the Minister of Health following the death of Dr. Richard MOUZOKO KIBOUNG
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Julius Bintu 20h
World Bank Provides $150 Million Grant To Support Host Communities & Refugees in Uganda Uganda is the largest refugee-hosting country in Africa & 3rd largest worldwide Majority of refugees are from South Sudan, , Burundi, Somalia. 📷
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IFRC Africa Apr 18
Can Uganda block ’s spread from neighboring ? covers the critical work being done on the porous border.
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Greg Folkers Apr 11
MOH sitrep, Thursday, April 11, 2019
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James Barnett Apr 18
Replying to @jbar1648
Uganda's always claimed the ADF is an int'l terror group in order to get more CT funding and political cover for Museveni's destabilizing activity in eastern . ADF no more dangerous now than in 90s, but Museveni might use IS claim to push for greater Western CT assistance
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ACAPS Apr 18
Number of cases has reached 1,251, including 803 deaths in Nord Kivu and Ituri provinces. Since late March the transmission rate seems to be increasing. However, numbers fluctuate due to reclassification of cases and ongoing monitoring
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