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Canada Mission UN 13m
Canada strongly condemns the killing of 7 Malawian & 1 Tanzanian during an operation against the ADF in the Beni Region of . Our condolences to the families and loved ones of the peacekeepers and the Congolese soldiers injured and killed in operation.
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DR Congo's Kabila Springs Surprise on Successor
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Herman J. Cohen Nov 12
opposition coalition has fallen apart: as a result, there will be more than one opposition presidential candidate. Despite this disaster, opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi has the name recognition and charisma to be the winner. But will the election be honest? Doubtful.
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Mathe Eliel 27m
Replying to @MuntuMosi @NgalulaPe
Congrats to ! Great to have bright thinkers! Keep it up! 🇨🇩
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Fergus Simpson 10h
So here it I start writing Part One of my PhD literature review: to access the state of knowledge on artisanal small-scale mining communities in and around protected forest areas in eastern
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Kofi Annan Foundation Nov 13
The Foundation was asked to facilitate the process of consultation & dialogue between the opposition political parties of the ...In the interest of transparency & after informing the signatories, we publish the pledges made at the end of the dialogue:
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W2I 31m
8 U.N. Peacekeepers killed in Congo in area facing ebola outbreak
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CIFOR's project in northern aims to protect the biodiversity of the Yangambi Biosphere Reserve while improving the livelihoods of the surrounding communities. Learn more about this fascinating project:
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eCobalt 5h
The 's new mining code points to resource nationalism, which is likely to dissuade existing investors from expanding projects or investing in new ones, making it even more critical to tap into resources outside of the DRC via
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Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus 8h
This should never have happened: 7 members were killed in this week. Without peacekeepers, fighting in 🇨🇩 would be almost impossible. We condemn the attacks on those who risk their lives to ensure peace & security for others
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CAS 13h
Book launch:  Alumnus who is currently working as a Lecturer at 'Universite Protestante au Congo' in Kinshasa, . will present his new book Regional Developmentalism through Law on 26 Nov from 5:15PM. Join us:
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Inner City Press 5h
Now in UN Briefing Room UNSG has banned Inner City Press from 136 days, is talking about Force Intervention Brigade in , 8 deaths. Inner City Press is banned from questions, its written Qs about Cameroon “peacekeepers” rapes in CAR
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Copper China Nov 14
SICOMINES(华刚矿业) copper sulfide concentrate roasting system realizes full load production. All parameters are better than the design. It is the 1st high Cu and low sulfur copper concentrate roasting system's industrial application in Copper Industry.
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Athalia Christie Nov 14
An estimated 60 to 80 percent of new cases have no known links to prior cases (at the time of diagnosis), meaning they weren’t on contact lists, offered vaccination, or monitored for early signs of illness
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Steven Nov 15
Replying to @gorillacd @IUCNRedList
Thanks to those who contributed a lot as to protect those engendered species. We still have to save in our country
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Inner City Press 4h
For UN noon briefing has banned Inner City Press from for 136th day in a row, insiders. Banned Inner City Press has submitted 6 Qs on , ouster, list, lift immunity after , UN censorship 100+ UNanswered
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and withdraw their signatures from the agreement to field as the joint candidate in December's elections in a day after endorsing him. Backlash from supporters believed responsible for the shift. Opposition unity in doubt.
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Davis Vuningoma Nov 15
Replying to @Davis_Vng
Once in the , they prepare for operations under the overall command of Kayumba Nyamwasa, and the MRCD’s “General” Laurent Ndagijimana alias Wilson Irategeka Lumbago – the so-called chief of defense forces of the rebel outfit who is a former officer in the genocidal ex FAR
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Natasha White 12h
2018 meeting: shareholder asks about 's due diligence on Gertler prior to doing business with him in . "Extensive & thorough. Next question, please" said company chairman. "That's it?" the shareholder asked. "Extensive & thorough" chairman repeated before moving on.
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China Xinhua News 7h
UN chief condemns killing of peacekeepers in Democratic Republic of Congo (). At least 20 soldiers killed
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