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Ron Thorp Apr 21
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Bernard Stacey 17h
Taking back control from the corrupt EU, eh?
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Lou Dobbs Apr 19
- : No one takes anything Schiff says seriously because he lost all credibility. For 2 years he claimed there was a mound of criminal evidence. Where is it? Show us… because it doesn’t exist.
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LAKNT Apr 18
Now it's time for Strzok, his girlfriend, Hillary, Obama and the other rat bastards to have the microscope pointed at them and brought to justice. Time to DRAIN THE SWAMP MR. PRESIDENT.
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James Milligan Apr 20
Replying to @seanhannity
Dismissive because it doesn't fit the dem narrative..they still don't have anything that will stick.
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Zorn Family Snocross Apr 19
Yo !! Lay off the alcohol. The real election is next year and that's what matters. Not this November
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Sea Change 29m
Disappointing, albeit unsurprising, to see Johnny ‘’ Mercer to be just like all the rest. now officially calling for a revised definition of ‘swamp’ to include the entire political class, including ourselves. It’s all got to go. OUT
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ScoBurn Apr 20
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Lou Dobbs Apr 22
- : Schiff lied for years about collusion and yet he participates in the public policy process with no accountability. Why is he still chair of the Intel Committee? He can’t be trusted with classified information.
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Michelle Tolosky Apr 20
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
If by "The economy is doing great" you mean your family, swamp buddies, despots, & Ruling Class One Percenters, then yes. As for the rest of Americans who are saddled with paying for the balooning deficit you created, we're pretty pissed off about it.
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emptywheel Apr 22
Trump promised he'd . Democrats should just note that's what they're doing with an impeachment inquiry.
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The Riles Apr 21
Replying to @TheLastRefuge2
Rosenstein has the goods on all of them and has cut a deal of immunity. The Dems are about to go down
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Luna 10h
Replying to @bryanbehar
Better Q: how is it that he could sucker them into thinking he will or weed out corruption. He is the largest mammal in Allegator Alley and he is the most corrupt. Just look at the overwhelming legal response to keep his taxes hidden.
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Maurice P.A. Hankey 19m
Slowly slipping back into the days of sleaze!
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Lou Dobbs Apr 18
- : Radical Dimms have called for more of a witch hunt. This isn’t good for America. It’s not just who has been cheated, but it’s the American people who have also been cheated out of their government for the last two years.
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Sooner Brissey 12h
Homeless veterans.... veterans without help who feel their only solution is Suicide.... and democrats are “debating wether prisoners should freaking vote” Are you kidding me?! THIS is why Trump Is President. Let’s get our damn priorities straight.
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T Griffin Apr 19
Replying to @SenSchumer
Chuck Schumer is the original Washington DC Swamp Thing
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Gary Renaud Jr 16h
The democrat politicians r collectively the stupidest and blatantly anti American people I’ve ever heard of sadly there must b plenty of citizens with the same mindsets voting for them well that and the illegal immigrants and dead people voting 4 them
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Bill Mitchell Apr 22
HOW TO UNDERSTAND TRUMP: Do not judge Trump's goals by his actions, interpret his actions by his goals. His GOAL is to and . Judge every action by how it can possibly lead to THOSE RESULTS and you'll start to get it.
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Keith Boykin Apr 21
When you come into office claiming that your opponent and your predecessor are both "crooked" and you're going to , you are holding yourself to a higher standard and you can't turn around and say "Oh well, we're no worse than anybody else."
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