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Mark Nov 9
Please let us know that you're sending people, , , or someone to watch over these closely contested elections across the country. This is stealing an election.
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Pete Zantey 14h
I have a question hopefully someone can answer. Which department actually issues the arrest warrant for Hillary Clinton if she was to be arrested, how does it work under US Law.
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JGillespie 6h
Claims that reports like CURES (a document created to track opiate medications) helps physicians treat their patients more effectively, are patently false. What it actually does is help doctors profile, discriminate and prejudge patients. From the office to the ER
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Charles Bullard 15h
What distraction will or flotus use today? News cycles outside of Fox News need to wise up! Anything to stop asking serious questions about policy!
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Zellner  Chess 5h
Replying to @TManitowoc
Are agents have immunity from lying under oath, as long as it’s part of the job? #
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James Nov 13
And once JPM shorts bought back for profit, will they overtly & aggressively short the next rise in metal prices?
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Tom Garrity 11h
Replying to @ABQPOLICE
A needed overview of compliance with the requirements. While the graph is really difficult to read, the mostly green bar on the far@right is a good thing and a sign of needed progress.
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Gary Leibowitz 11h
Replying to @donald_j_putin
Are you sure, Comrade. Word is Lindsay was trying on a to see how well it goes w/ uniform.
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Julie Mallen is Julia akaCitizenSoldierJulieMallen 11h
Best part family not only do I have nothing but forgiveness for what happened to me it's actually made me a better person Look at how Starbucks Five Guys becomes part of our team WE all worked together to Now we teach our kids to be kind not mean through the tapes.:)
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SIGAR Nov 12
: Attorney General's Office made some progress past quarter seizing assets submitted as collateral by Kabul Bank debtors
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Detroit Clinic Owner Sentenced to Over 13 Years in Prison for $8.9 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme The owner of two Detroit-area clinics was sentenced to 160 months in prison today for her role in a scheme involving approximately $8.9 million in fr…
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Steve Fermier 23h
Is it my imagination, or does Matthew Whitaker look a lot like Thanos? And there are other similarities.
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J. Styborski 4h
Replying to @1Xtrem @yashar
Whitaker knows what’s up, he’ll lay the smack down on the money-grab known as the Mueller probe, aka but speak out & expose corruption in the &
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Libertarian 3h
absolutely, I agree. Both parties need to work together. I believe Mueller investigation is riddled with corruption 3DNC + plot to frame . We are wasting inordinate amounts $$$, time, energy yet still no collusion. corruption or wrongdoing by .
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King & Spalding Nov 13
King & Spalding partners Sally Yates and Mark Jensen spoke at the 11th Annual Pharmaceutical University in Philadelphia this morning. They were sharing their perspectives on and the industry.
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Avis rent a car had a car returned with a trunk full of ProvisionalBallots!This is so illegal!How can weTolerate dem crooks any longer&Dems registering criminals& ParklandShooter2vote&taking ballots Judges in pocket of Dems&sheriff Israel&Soe SnipesHelp us
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TekMuNNee Options Nov 9
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Fay 17m
Looks like the believes in the also Bill! Justice Department Memo Declares Matt Whitaker Appointment Is Legal
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Anna Teresa Arnold 4h
just defended decision to revoke little boy from . Thank God! Respect and peace back to the pressers.
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