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Harish Feb 20
may contest with an alliance (2-3 small parties or Community organizations). Possible to win 5 - 7 seats. He may carry the anti-incumbency votes & (Minority) votes, while only 8% - 12% of will shift to his .
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Harish 2h
This is really a good work from . Received this mail on last noon.
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PG venkatram Feb 19
Political game starts ... Finally the Alliance finalised...
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Nice day dreaming 😂 here is 2014 numbers
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Ammu 2h
I dono y der s very less or nil spoof on . Whether they did nothing negative to get spoofed or tey r still alive to penalize u! Anyhow was a good social entertainer ✌️enjoyed ur comedies like v did in NRD👍😀
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SarveshNarayan Feb 21
Dis tweet regards . I am frm Nallur village nearer 2 Kalpakkam, Kanchipuram District. In my childhood day wins in 1996 Lok Sabha Elections, After that no victory 4 our party, 1998 pannerselvam from admk, 1999 A K Moorthy from pmk in +, 1/n
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Michael Chase (Mac) Feb 21
Do you think there’ll be an event based on attractions like Haunted Mansion or Splash Mountain? Or introducing characters like the Hatbox Ghost or Brer Rabbit?
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Replying to @arivalayam @mkstalin
It's JACKPOT for Congress. Congress should have been given only 5 seats (4+1). Apart from Kanyakumari, Pondicherry, Thirupur, Ramnad Congress has only 3000 votes per assembly segment.
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Masilamani Sivaraman Feb 20
Replying to @ThanthiTVPoll
fails in 2019, Stalin Anti Hindu Fails
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Rahul Naidu Feb 20
has understood his status in tamil nadu. He can't win any of the tn election, unless coalition with or . Now made alliance with AIADMK he did the right thing.
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mohamedilyas® Feb 19
Insha Allah will win
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sri hari Feb 20
should reconsider giving 10 seats to congress.. 6-7 fr congress 3-4 for dmdk would be good.. dmk should atleast contest in 25 seats..
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Hariharaselvan Feb 20
Replying to @bhuvanes25
I'f is wrong then also did same yesterday.will u accept it
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James Earnest 6h
If can't to anything .... No more LIFE for BPL ... At the same time .... Need to show their strength and want to Dominate AND CO
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Sathyagiri Feb 20
10 seats is too much for . Stupid decision. Appoint new leader for
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Kaala Raavan 6h
Replying to @rvaidya2000
Just an attention seeker. Ignore this flipper. In agony of not getting into government for the past 10years, he speaks all these nonsense.
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Saravanan Prakash 18h
DMDK trying to get a larger chunk of seats, who will offer more to the 4-5% vote share of DMDK.
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Whoever who created this trend , must be a . Just go through of Indian , in the last 30 years. Whichever or formed the govt at the , , sided with it. What you call a woman who beds with anyone ?
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Rajasimhan Feb 20
WTF is wrong with Stalin ?? 9 seats for Congress in an election where he has everything going for him ?? should be sweeping this election. Now it will only be around 25 seats.
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Baskar Feb 20
Replying to @mkstalin @ptrmadurai
Sir, my humble request is please shut down tasmac. This will not only fetch votes for the party but also future generation will be saved.
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