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Chanandler Bong🇮🇳 2h
Hindus in DMK are real bastards and enemies of other Hindus. These pigs for their Business interests and other needs, compromise and support the Nazi evil called
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aravindhan 17h
Website is easy to handle. Kudos to the team 👏👏. And my suggestion is to give a search portal for members who lost the member I'd. From where they can apply and get a duplicate copy via post.
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Unmai2020 Nov 16
is doing excellent work, witnessed few medical camp around chennai area it's should continued in rural areas! 💐👍
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which ruled TN for more than 15 years donated 1 crore for . which never ruled TN has also donated 1 crore for . Great .You are again and again proving that you are a good human being. But these TN people didn't support you in last election.
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Harish Nov 15
Is ready to have alliance with an Anti-Hindu "" parties ? Will break his silence in issue ?
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Prem Kumar 44m
Mean while handing over 1 crore relief fund to CM. ADMK cadres are on field of relief camp at Nagai and working on quick recovery.
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Ayyappa Kumar Nov 20
No personal vengeance or support towards but your tweet is wrong Bro. We cannot decide how much should a person donate comparing with the persorns wealth. Donation amount or their wish you don't know what's happening in their family .
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Karthik 19h
Replying to @MirrorNow @tanvishukla
dare to question , what about the killers of Leelavati who is released less than 5 years and Dinakaran office burnt and journalists killed and no one is still convicted despite all video evidences produced in the court and they all set free!!
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Prasanna Venkatesh 🤘🏻 Nov 17
don't use stickers like other parties.. They stitch!
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மகிழ்நன் 2h
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TamizhKnights Nov 13
will loose seats if they join Congi led or bjp led alliance
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senthil kumar 6h
Replying to @b_a_s_h_a_08
Dmk still in alliance with and u say u cannot do anything, illiterate only vote for ,Thatswhy ADMK and Dmk run tasmac and don't let think
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Nellai Times Now 2h
I added a video to a playlist Cyclone Releif Fund | கஜா புயல்
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VillageTamilan Nov 17
Replying to @ThanthiTV
Just protest againt first.....
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tamilnaadulive Nov 20
DMK President launches the party's revamped website '' at the party's IT Wing Office in Anna Arivalayam. IT Wing Secretary and senior leader TR Balu and other functionaries were present.
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anand Nov 17
Perungalathur and vandalur flyover is pending construction for long time. This helps reducing traffic congestion. Time to think about other pending bridges in our state. Who is behind slow progress? Please take action.
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Prabagaran ♕ Nov 16
After i gotta call frm my friends frm india.I was shocked.They're gonna charge for incoming calls also like the stone age.😥 At this time i remember MR.A.RAJA frmr telecom minister who makes the vry cheap ph calls n intrnet 2 every indian.
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Prabhuraj Arthanaree 6h
What does 86 MLA from DMK doing?? not able to see any where in any news channels ? busy creating violence ??? and spreading rumor about AIADMK government ahh >
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Nanthivarman 🌞 Nov 16
Authentication 😍 Good Job 👌
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VSOP Nov 20
Replying to @thatsTamil
Rajni given 50 lakhs. Single person contribution. DMK party given just 1 crore. Just 3 persons Surya 50 + Vijay Sedhupathi 25 + Rajni sir 50. Total close.. If add Vijay's contribution... then DMK Total family close..
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