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patirick 10h
I didn't know how to dance until I took chances.
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체스가 1m
Learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you had.
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I didn't poop, I peed 1h
"Anyone could be having a bad day, it takes just the little things to make everything better." -
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Kendra Dec 5
No copy is too long or too short. It is either not simple or not detailed enough. The length of your copy doesn't matter if it is simple, detailed, and engaging enough to hold your reader through. If it requires more explanation, do so.
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Jamariya Pratik Dec 5
Challenge Day. Done. Created very simple Temperature convertor and a digital storage converter.
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DY 13h
strive for progress, not perfection.
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👑Big A👑 1h
Replying to @Khaled_Mata
"Stars can't shine without darkness"
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Uneek Staffing 13h
We are down to day 19 of our ! Have you got all your presents sorted? 😬
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Weyy👣 14h
Replying to @KoDiayMack
"Anything is POSSIBLE when you have the right PEOPLE there to support YOU" -Copeland
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Hannah 11h
Braveness leads you to where you are right now.
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skadush 10h
Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye. Helen Keller
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“Good luck or bad luck, only God knows.”
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John Dépôt 4h
The year was 1240. On this day December 6th. Genghis Khan grandson Batu occupied and destroyed Kiev; out of 50,000 people in the city only 2,000 survived. With a beat up Sacramento team (Kiev). I expect Spurs (Batu squad) to win by 7-10pts. Pick: Spurs -3.5 (5U)
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Naxee Eleniyan Nov 29
His collaboration with for a new collection of Starboy jerseys made Wizkid the first African artist to have his own official jersey, and if that doesn’t blow you away, I'm not sure what your measure of cool is! Now who can beat that.
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ms. marjanie 12h
Replying to @itsmemarjanie
Those who shine brightest are not always the brighter person. Believe in what you can do.
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Louisaaa 12h
Replying to @selaras_joanne
Be the positive person they want to see in this world.
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Love🥀 Dec 5
Replying to @LovelyGercelyn
Love the process. hinter de kulissen
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😔😔 14h
Psalm 115:1 "Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness."
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jaybelle 3h
Replying to @jaybelle_faith
Hope is being able to see that there is light despite of all the darkness.
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mikeee 10h
Replying to @pacaboy_
“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill
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