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Timothy Phillips Apr 16
The Inner German Border took lots of policing on both sides, including thousands of patrol cars. I loved seeing these typical examples at the Mödlareuth Border Museum: a GDR Lada and an FRG Audi. Objects of control but also symbols of Communism and Capitalism.
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Timothy Phillips May 1
Mariánské Lázně. As Marienbad, it was a favourite spa with the rich from across Europe, including Edward VII and Nicholas II. After 1945, renamed, it ended up a few miles inside the Iron Curtain in Czechoslovakia, frequented by those the Party thought well of.
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Timothy Phillips Apr 19
Two signs within a mile of each other. One, at the Inner German Border museum at Mödlareuth, once warned Bavarians that the hated frontier lay in the middle of a stream. The other, a 2019 AfD poster, calls for secure borders to return. How quickly times change.
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