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The ZebraPartnership 🦓🦓 Jul 16
book the a gem in the heart of our delegates loved it 💕 - oozing charm its the perfect relaxed meeting space with an adjacent Yurt! “People buy people” watch Licensee Rachele & Craige
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Hii Chang Kee 8h
Opening dance of Borneo Cultural Festivals in Sibu
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Hii Chang Kee 10h
Borneo Cultural Festivals is here again at Sibu Town Square 19-28 July
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MJJJusticeProject 23h
The National Portrait Gallery in London demonstrating the of Michael Jackson in "On The Wall" art exhibit running til Oct 21st 2018
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Paola Moreira Jul 12
Hello everyone! Here's a small preview of the next podcast episode. July is a month linked to Frida Kahlo's story, an emblematic figure in the art world and protagonist of the 10th episode of Happy Thursday! 👩🏻‍💻🎙️🎛️
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Tanja Karakamisheva Jul 16
Replying to @TKarakamisheva
Our and living in as a are denied! Our Macedonian is denied! What next to ? We, as , to be denied? this NOW! 2/2
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TV&FilmsReview 4h
I got ''hooked'' (not really but I do find these enjoyable in a sense of having value of insights into and in representation of each countries); talking of like (so far found as good and ) ....
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Europa Nostra 12h
Together with our Executive President we are proud to support this campaign against demolition of of in , a heritage site of great & importance in !
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IGNCA Delhi Jul 16
A intresting on " of our " by Dr. Udayan Indurkar, on 20th of this month, 3:00 pm at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts. Don't miss it. Entry is free.
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Arts Development Co. Jul 11
'The economic impact of festivals should not be underestimated' Read more into our initial research into how ’s many festivals contribute to place-making initiatives and demonstrate the importance of festivals as a focus for
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In a unique initiative, premier film education institute of country, , provided screen acting training to 30 talented young boys and girls. Event is part of continued efforts towards building bridges with the and nurturing heritage.
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Bonnie Estwick Jul 18
An amazing class with the Special Constables class on "Bias Avoidance", lots great 'safe space' dialogue. Keep up the great work Instructor D. Scantlebury (LD&S). competence
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agenda21culture Jul 19
📢 ‘Culture at Work Africa: Promoting the Public Value of Intercultural Dialogue for Social Cohesion in ‘ aims at promoting intercultural dialogue and in urban areas in Africa. You can submit your project here 👉
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Mo'lanee Sibyl, PhD ~ 모 미영 Jul 10
Replying to @vescodiri
Haha. Not the title, I meant the tag line. Like how I have it now as the for and nomads for and and those who love them? I'd wanted to say a podcast for sensitive people with tendencies (*face-palm*). See proof attached.
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A Chronic Voice Jul 15
[New Post] "They’re suitable even if you’re a person with no issues, and provide many interesting and insights from around the world":
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Global Taskforce Jul 18
Replying to @GlobalTaskforce
🏛️Protecting tangible and intangible can become a driver of bottom-up policy coherence led by LRGs and involving increased participation of citizens and civil society 🔗
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ICOMOS_Agenda2030 Jul 16
2nd wk@ stared this morning, first2 present a , w an intro stressing their and assets existing in balance, . Home of & , our partner in protecting .
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karim_mitha Jul 19
Doubly marginalised - / and . Lack of competency and / within/outwith their communities. Add in sparse base and no wonder BME/POC feel their mental health needs are not being met .
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Eritrea Pages 4h
Shikorina Ftret by Princess.. 😍😊
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Paphos Music Lovers Jul 16
A great chance to help the life of !
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