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TQC Jun 12
check how many times EIA STEO has flip-flopped lately
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RS (Mr_Chartist) Jun 19
in 15M trading in pennant pattern and now if crude sustain below 53.7(3,740) Level we can see the bearish move and Daily chart also suggesting strong resistance at 54.2(3,780) level on the chart we can see some reversal.
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@TradersRule 🇺🇸 ✏️ 📐 📈 Jun 18
Replying to @TradersRule
Q19 Range Expansion, Bar close important Narrowed Bias 2.7/1 Sellers ⚠️ DTIP
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Market Trends FX Group Jun 12
🚨 Executed Trade Alert: Opened buy position at 51.98 SL at 50.0 TP at 58 Retracement rally approaching based on our analysis; will be ready to sell it down to 34-40 zone afterwards A near term rally for lies ahead..
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Pawas Agarwal 14h
Buy crude 3876 mcx tgt 50 points sl 3830
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Gopaal Jun 16
Replying to @krgv2010
this is my current trade setup on the hourly timeframe
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Crude Oil Trader 1m
closed up $2.94 at $56.91 today. A seven week old price downtrend has been soundly negated to suggest a market low is in place and that prices can trend at least sideways, if not sideways to higher in the near term....Get More Here >
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NaTaraj M S Jun 13
Ready for Swing from next week...😃
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BlackBull Markets 1h
WTI Crude up over 3% in today’s trade following comments about the Drone strike interest from Iran. War seems imminent and given the fact that 11 million barrels of oil passes through this geo area every day - oil traders beware 📈👀
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still awaiting for a breakout.
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Kishan31 13h
Crude oil. Sell 3878 Sl 3890 T..Open
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Marc Eckelberry 10h
strong resistance at 56.82 area. (typo corrected)
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Peter Hanks 9h
is on pace for its largest daily gain in over 5 months as US-Iran tensions flare.
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Replying to @fximperija
Well, still holding above that of 61.8%
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Precision Traders Jun 18
Replying to @ToTheTickTrades
Ended up getting stopped out here and while fell to a low of 42.40 we were able to capture the majority of this massive move.
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Ballard Power 6h
If produced and exported hydrogen as a transportation fuel, instead of and , the economy could generate 3-10x more economic activity. Learn more:
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Georgios 8h
Cracking chart on the hourly
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jimboman Jun 18
How do you tell a bull, it ain't done yet? still ways to go.. guess you don't...smoked or roasted bull.. anyone:)
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Timothy Alexander 10h
Oil bears getting squeezed
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Max Crandale Jun 19
Expecting 52.8 under value.. With weak FED declaration on
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