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Sigur Olsen Aug 15
Replying to @johnpodesta
Russia DID NOT "hack our democracy" (whatever that would even mean) The DNC didnt allow the FBI to examine the servers! The DNC PAID shady private firm to come to that conclusion! THERE WAS NEVER A HACK THERE WAS A LEAK! Bye Skippy.
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Karen K Aug 16
Who remembers ?
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CrowdStrikeRacing Aug 12
When , speed is critical. Last week, we put our customers in the driver’s seat to experience acceleration for themselves at our Executive Racing Event in Las Vegas.
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SofiaITC Aug 10
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Megan Guthrie Aug 11
Congratulations and the team for winning the Les Kennedy - Outstanding Crime Reporting award for Meet the Scammers at the 2019 NRMA
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Dakalo Ndouvhada Aug 15
Great introduction by . analyses the nature of the attack while giving insights on how to respond to the attack
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Greg Ewers 11h
Replying to @goodmedicine4us
But we know it wasn't hacked. They was granted access by 👀
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NewWorldOrderoftheTime Broadcast 12h
Roger Stone Tried to Subpoena a Cybersecurity Company for Sensitive DNC Information
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CNN Is EVIL Aug 15
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
And for some reason Mueller and his FBI pals never looked into or
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Behind_Every_Blade Aug 13
Replying to @jennajameson
already proved is lying. removed emails with a thumbdrive.
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Victro Aug 14
Woohoo! A judge has allowed ’s defamation lawsuit against to pass to discovery! And NPR is retaining discredited -ridden hacks to defend itself. The murder should see some illumination soon.
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My Info 13h
Replying to @JRehling
This is ultra embarrassing... would it hurt to do some research prior to posting some nonsense....
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ProtectHeroAssange 23m
If you follow , you found this out in August 2018. We are 12 months ahead of the news.
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Rayland Aug 15
Replying to @StormIsUponUs
set the whole thing up, they also claimed the emails were hacked by Russia. Nope China had them
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ProtectHeroAssange Aug 17
Replying to @footmdrph @en_volve
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THE TRUTH ⭐⭐⭐ Aug 10
What brains? I'm thinking we could just pay to write a report and blame who ever we want at this point right?
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KeepingAmericaGreat! Aug 16
Replying to @cjtruth
’s DOJ, FBI,CIA illegally allowed , et al to access our top secret NSA databases
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On_Ready ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Aug 14
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