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Grass 2h
Replying to @saltydkdan
He didn't cure hunger and stop racism because crooked Hillary didn't give him funding
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Victoria O'Kane Aug 8
Can anyone tell me what ever happened to the $6 billion that went missing from the State Dept when was in charge? Just asking.
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maureen 5h
is more un-likeable than
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Roman Sparkz 20h
Scary part is that wouldnt even think twice. But she wouldnt have to. Beijing Biden will step down for whoever his VP is anyways. 😂
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Gulf Atlantic Ind of America, Inc. Aug 8
No she didn't ... Just didn't Consider a Women ...
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NYcars212 Aug 7
Replying to @mcaruana
Just because the media doesn’t remind you that Biden is in fact a criminal , doesn’t mean he’s clean. They’ve been out to get Trump since he beat Biden bragged about not giving Ukraine 🇺🇦 the billon dollars unless they fired their prosecutor!!!
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Little Miss Wisconsinite 🇺🇸 Aug 9
RETWEET RETWEET RETWEET!!!Let everyone know! See you in Court on September 9 at 9 am
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ab Martin Digital 2h
Replying to @HillaryClinton
How can we contain a virus when we can't contain you and Bill?
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Patrick M 5h
: The ticked is so weak that how much they lose by will come down to one thing; remember how irritating 's laugh was; Kamala's like Hillary's on steroids; like razors in my ears. 😠🤪🤣
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Trump Tweet Generator Aug 9
Sleepy Joe Biden Got Up To $56 Million From Nations That Are Anti-Mark Zuckerberg of !
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Kevin Thomas Ricklefs Aug 6
The extra votes she received was harvested in California from the dead people that wasn’t removed from the voters registration but she forgot the living voters out numbered the dead one’s that voted for her. She is
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Joan Reynolds Aug 5
would be a gift if she runs with No thinking Patriot believes the are going to Run Biden 🙄 It's going to be such fun watching Trump beat that witch again!
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Santos R. Victorero - Text TRUMP to 88022 🌞🌞🌞 Aug 5
Secretary of Failure a.k.a. Secretary of Mistakes; .
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Benjamin Williams Aug 3
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Deb Boyle Aug 3
Replying to @SteveKerr
Here is & at the Wuhan lab in 2015 after he gave them 3.7 million of America's money to construct the lab made Covid-19 to be unleashed in 5 yrs. It was his insurance policy to get Trump out of office because he knew wouldn't win
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