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Saurabh Dua Jan 16
involving several !! is afterall a BIG business ! How else 24x7 gluttons be fed ?! 'Era of fakes' made a loud thud post 9/11 event.
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(((Zabdiel Boylston))) 🌊 Aug 4
When random believers start shooting random strangers, their fellows are going to claim that they're hired by the to make look bad (as if they needed any help). DON'T GO ALONG WITH THAT.
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Justa Fan Aug 7
Replying to @RealMuckmaker
That's why & his ilk know about . THEY invented them.
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Chris Sampson Aug 6
The ban of Alex Jones from YouTube, Facebook and Spotify will bring about the possibility of as his followers and allies hit the net with screams of terror and censorship.
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Lesesne Smith Dec 6
Recycling crisis actors in Paradise from Sandy Hook which was 6 years she is Victoria Munoz still lying on CNN...if this was an authentic wildfire there would be no need to use crisis actors...WE ARE AT WAR!!!
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fosi Dec 22
Where are the crisis actors that usually stand around him ???
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Freebasin Jasin Jan 13
Fake news.
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❤Shannon❤ Jan 11
Lol after 9/11 y'all probably planted those people out there
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Typos in my tweets are actually by ‘Yeti’ Trump Jun 20
Question for .... Why did Donald Trump sign an EO stopping babies being snatched from their mothers if they are all ?? I’ll wait🧐
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Carl Jan 16
I would like to thank all those (So called) Muslim extremists who have forgotten how to drive. Did cancel your jobs shedules? Amazing what you can do by tweeting & & ?😎
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Fort Russ News Jul 16
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America So White Jan 11
How the hell can she take you wackos seriously with your made up crisis?
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Kenny Norwick Nov 8
These people are not , they are real and now they are dead. A trained man w/gun tried to save them and died. people who were killed in the Thousand Oaks shooting
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Aimé Muyombano, PhDs Nov 14
“Proficient Negotiation of prospect Experts, Mediators &Diplomats with strict Resolution on global affairs sequence as absolute achievement in Diplomacy” under Diplomatic & Consular Unit facilitated on Students from Dpt.
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Heath Corson Oct 24
Replying to @ali
::Grabs pearls:: Goodness who could anyone believe Republicans enjoy violence and conspiracies.
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Terry Gremillion Aug 12
Replying to @Education4Libs
violence seems to only be news when it's an orchestrated somewhere.
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Matt Jun 6
Replying to @RealAlexJones
They aren’t your family. They look like crisis actors.
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pixelwhip Jan 13
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
I saw your visit to the border but didn’t see a crisis, just and a bunch of props.
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Replying to @RawStory
The irony of a zealot potentially impeding the vote count & undermining the is just too . Meanwhile GOP hacks like Scott & Rubio dig holes for themselves screaming about “democracy”. EFF those
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(((Fifthcolumnblue))) Sep 6
Replying to @UKIP
Does believe that was the work of and no innocent children were murdered by a crazed gunman? What about 911, was that all the work of the US government and the ? I think we deserve to be told your party's stance on these issues
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