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KenzieCo 2h
Replying to @TomiLahren
Funny the one in Florida had the same guy from Gurnee Illinois that supposedly got sick from vaping
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💓🦉🌟🐘Sandy🐘🌟🦉💓 Sep 18
Replying to @sandyhook
That is NOT the answer! Criminals do not obey the laws, so what makes you think this will stop them? This was a used to try to take our guns away and it’s NOT happening! don’t fool those who see through the bullshit!
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Secret Squirrel Sep 19
..because THIS TIME, Prohibition will be a rousing success.. I guess when you need a wagon to hitch to, any "crisis" will do.. IRL
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TruthnotWar100%Awake Sep 18
Sandy Hook was a hoax. School never existed.
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ChinaBazaar 2h
you know something's wrong when are enlisted to help drive the latest message home and make sure everyone stays on programme See:
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William E. (Bill) Smith Sep 19
Remainers demonstrating outside Parliament are paid actors on £80 per day - paid indirectly by
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TruthnotWar100%Awake Sep 20
Replying to @MarkRuffalo
Wake up people! Sandy Hook wasa hoax . This is only a gun grab for the . . is scripted fakery. Celebrities are illuminati puppets. USA is not a country. Jesuits control USA incorporated. Rothschilds select the CEO. School shootings =
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TruthnotWar100%Awake Sep 19
Those people tweeting that people and the world are waking up. That's false. Go in to this thread off Sandy Hook PSA. And you'll see people are not awake. Sandy Hook was a production by USA incorporated. A with everywhere that fly to the next one.
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❌ Cara Mastrey ❌ 9h
Soros go by script.
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Shameless Hussy Sep 18
If I find any, I will. All I see are .
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Lady Influenza Sep 16
Some things never change.
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BoricuaParaTrump Sep 13
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Troy, Saltine-American and Easter Worshipper Sep 21
Replying to @singrdave
Yeah, I was reading the thread I retweeted and some of the other tweeters said that she was in her bio.
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Open Source Intel Sep 17
. Anyone with Photoshop can post anything they want and say it's a screen shot.
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girlpatriot Sep 19
Replying to @99freemind
Sandy Hook put out this parody to try “once again” to convince the world that Sandy Hook really happened. Pretty sick way to do it. Makes you think they are “trying too hard” to conceal the truth. Crisis actors.
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BostonMarathonHoaxResearch 1h
Oh you were? It was "real" in that there were real and real pyrotechnics. What did you see?
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técnico preocupado Sep 15
Replying to @TopeteGLZ @aljadim
Sin sonido, viendo los gestos aún se comprende mejor. Show.
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Boondoggled News Sep 20
or they’ve turned their kids into
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❌ Cara Mastrey ❌ 6h
Replying to @AOC
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Chad Mullins 18h
Sandy Hook was a unique ...Why? Nobody died. unlike other (where Mossad agents sacrifice and amplify shock) ..well ONE died, the lead investigator was an honest man ..Zios do no like honesty or /
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