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Shauna.. na 42m
Replying to @GeorgeTakei
I'll be stoked to have a woman VP that also doesn't refer to their spouse as "father"
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Kennedad75 9 Jun 19
What’s going on here Mikey????
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Jzikah 15 Apr 19
And this one based on Capital Venture's work. Anything to add before I color them in?
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Bernie Connor Jul 9
So why does lie so blatantly?? . Is it okay for the leader of the ? to FLAT OUT LIE to Americans.
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Trump is a Sociopath Aug 29
telling lies about President Obama to suck up to Trump. And why hasn't he released his tax returns??
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Liberal Avenger Dec 2
Replying to @RoZsaJH
The weird is called “creepy” ! They have sleepy Joe we have “CreepyMike”!
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ahHellNo Dec 4
Replying to @Strandjunker
needs to be a trend ✋🏼
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“Weapon of mass distraction”🚀💣 1 Mar 18
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The Tragic Mulatto1619 14 Feb 17
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Phing Apr 30
Long Been Known That is Brainless
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Tomas Pain 🎨 iQuaker 📚🌊✌🇺🇸🦏🗽🎵🖌☮ 19 Apr 18
Tonight is thinking about the behind the ugly light: . Rumors are rampant about him over the past 24 hours, but like says, .
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stephen harris 16 May 19
has been ‘obsessed’ with LGBTQ people since he entered politics: HRC president | Raw Story via rawstory
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I never do. I get any info about & by following & . We don't need to feed the 's Ego by following him or . Just Saying.😊🙃
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AndyPopeInTheWoods May 7
Replying to @hultmark_mark
It's almost as if and don't really care about the American public.
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Just Michaela Jul 8
Whom he refers to as, "Mother." That's not creepy at all either, right?
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LindaMilazzo 2 May 18
Mike Pence defines creepy. Imagine how overly compliant Pence must be for Trump to NEVER criticize him. Pence bows at his feet, says “Yes sir” to everything & stares at the back of Trump’s head like admiring a work of art.
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AndyPopeInTheWoods Jun 20
Replying to @GOP @Mike_Pence
Yes, as continues to grow his polling lead!!! is part of what we're transitioning FROM...
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Ralf Tebako 18 Jun 19
° Children naturally fear . Creepy creepy . ‼️😱‼️ 🔞 °
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🏳️‍🌈♥️丅ᕼᗴ ᗰᑌᖴᖴᎥᑎ♥️🏳️‍🌈 26 Jan 17
Sooo... apparently Mike Pence calls his wife "Mother"
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Bonnie Hendrickson 🌊🗽🚀🐵♀️ 16 May 19
seems like an appropriate hashtag right now.
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