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flyangel Sep 14
A Hugh rise in male prisoners transitioning to female to get into female prisons . I wonder why
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Mitchell McKee Oct 12
Being a student at the University of Minnesota professors and students preach inclusion and respect for everyone, but then those same people turn around and do this!!
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Marko Sep 23
Replying to @mcauz56
Wow, they teach kids to lie & act crazy...
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justin Sep 13
Yes let’s just encourage large corporations to stop what we as AMERICANS are legally able to buy with our own money. But (ASSAULT RIFLES ) are allready illegal 🤦🏻‍♂️ You must be talking about an ar-15
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Beanie & Da Beard Jul 20
Replying to @DailyCaller
This is the Democratic party Left wing edition.
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NvPoliticsCoffeeTalk Oct 7
Kamala Harris said in the last debate "we need to de-incarcerate women/children" so regardless of what crime they commit no jail time! Are the like supporting that same position?
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Dirtwork May 18
Not wrong I think gun control should start with who do you vote for
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💧🇦🇺pepsee🇦🇺💧 Oct 11
Remember when boys and girls went swimming together and wee'd separately? Thanks to The Left we now toilet together but swim along gender lines. Welcome to Woke World
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Stevie González Jul 20
Replying to @HJJoyceEcon
A story to depict the movement from Gay-Pride in the 20th Century to LGBT-Shame in the 21st. Just plain embarrassing but we all saw this kind of sh¡t coming thank to the .
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Old Nick 999 - The hero resurrected 👻☠️ May 8
I fully expect the to want to follow suit. , have you seen this yet?
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Mike Jul 22
And I want to be compensated for the time wasted listening to the
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NvPoliticsCoffeeTalk Sep 21
The Hates walls—lives in gated communities Detests school choice—sends their kids to private school Protests the 1%—are worth millions Want to ban guns—surrounded by armed, private guards *Do as we say not as we do is their new rallying cry!
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Life=Golden Jan 3
Replying to @PrisonPlanet
Yes but when generation Z goes to a house call of a ding bat lefty, it gets crazy. TRUST ME!
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Robin Kraeling May 23
Replying to @CBCNews @matt_kwong
You can't impeach someone bc they hurt your feelings.
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🍃🍂 Tiffany Ann Watson 🍂🍃 Dec 15
Replying to @NvPoliticsForum
That is such a great song! The is going too far and being too sensitive. I read an article saying that now dressing up your pets for holidays is cruel and torturous. Really?!? I find that shameful.
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NvPoliticsCoffeeTalk Oct 10
demands ppl to resign when making a "regretable statement" crickets about this, just like the CCSD Board Member who also had "verbal issues" & she is still serving. Why exactly are women that are democrats not "made to resign" but others are?
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NvPoliticsCoffeeTalk Oct 11
Replying to @charliekirk11
The & in Nv we have a Demo AG whom not only wants voting rights for felons he wants everyone CURRENTLY serving time to be able to vote from jail/prison. He won his election. BTW he is a career criminal himself but again, he won. Welcome to the new USA? Scary!
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Ronnie Turner Feb 18
Are you safer walking in a mall with a Trump hat on, or walking in a soft part of Chicago as a gay black Jew? I don’t let my kids wear MAGA hats for this reason.
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Mike Jul 15
Thank you for your service 🇺🇸 Pay no mind to the
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NvPoliticsCoffeeTalk Sep 28
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