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Tango Jane 53m
It certainly seems that is NOT pursuing impeachment for political reasons. Which is worse? We worked our hearts out to give the Democrats the House and yet the Speaker refuses to do her Constitutional duty.
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Issue One 28m
Important to note in the conversation: You can be principled and strong in your views and still put . 29 members of Congress recently did just that by supporting the Act against foreign interference
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Issue One 5h
Mitch McConnell has pledged to block bipartisan legislation to address foreign interference in our elections. It is time to put and act on the Act now!
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BlowUpRadio 10h
"Number one, she's not my type. Number two, it never happened. It never happened, OK?" is modern equivalent of "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" Funny how the was infatuated w/ investigating the 2nd quote, but not the 1st.
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Jack Dericks Jun 25
Replying to @joniernst
Another elitist senator with great pay and benefits courtesy of tax payers using the word socialism to scare up votes.
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Julie Wagner 2h
Your party locks kids in cages.
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Christopher Suprun Jun 25
I don't EVER want to hear how she could be a presidential candidate again. The arrogance to stand with a crime family over America is repulsive.
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Jason Foye 11h
She broke the law, or do the laws not apply to Republicans? is a novel idea, you should try it sometime.
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Mary Anna Mancuso 6h
Replying to @glennkirschner2
I’m not on the debate stage tonight or tomorrow, but I do know the first step to putting out the fire is putting 🇺🇸🧯
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Laura 20h
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Gyp the Ronin 5h
Replying to @corrcomm
"I see you are a leftist" This right here is the problem. Stop labeling and work together or just stop.
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Mary Jun 24
Replying to @SykesCharlie
Perfect, and why my tweets end with
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Truth Addict 7h
This country decided long ago that winning is more important than ethics. Unless you plan to go to the polls to improve our society, quit complaining about those in charge. Put up or shut up.
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Soloman 1h
I was never a fan of President Obama, and I probably won't support the agenda of any future Democrat that holds the office. But if I were ever invited to The White House, I would most certainly accept and attend, because I believe in and .
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Amici Journal Jun 25
What beautiful stamps I had to get them, and a TRUE Patriot of our Country
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Replying to @SenRickScott
Yes, the Democrats want the truth to be told and you want to spin the party line.
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Jane Beard 4h
Replying to @JackKingston
Really?!? She’s a brat for exercising free speech and patriotic judgment? Have you READ the Mueller Report or just the spin put out by AG Barr? We need more like her. And probably fewer like you.
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Unite America 4h
There is a disconnect between (a) what people want to happen and (b) what is actually happening. Almost as if the system doesn't work...
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Call Congress 202-225-3121, 202-224-3121 7h
You all are aiding and abetting a criminal president. Shame on you.
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Gyp the Ronin Jun 25
Replying to @VP
Lies DJT owns this all.
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