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Robyn 5h
Cosby whining about being in jail. Let’s hope the judge sticks with his decision and doesn’t let him out while appealing. Cosby hoped to never go to jail by appealing and appealing. He is as guilty as anyone ever was.
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Area Traffic Control 12h
northbound very busy from towards 21 .
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Grant Ingram 8h
Bill Cosby attacks his trial judge – again – in new effort to get out of jail on appeal # needs to stay in prison for LIFE w/ NO PAROLE!
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SyndicatedNews 4h
wants ? While pursuing appeal? isnt in the way. Can afford the thousands that will come forward now? The ones that didn't come forward the first time?
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is smart.....This still happens today...
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Ed Weckerly Apr 17
Replying to @millsbw
Did Rudy drop a roofie in his drink? Sorry, too soon???
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josh pincus is crying 6h
Oh, the irony. (Ad in a 1988 TV Guide)
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Billy Lawrence 11h
Replying to @wcplonline
My library has this book on the shelf, but where's mine? Whaaat!! Wrong Bill.
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Tony Cipriani 16h
Bill is innocent , and this may be one of the reasons he was targeted by the fake charlatans , and corrupt USA legal system...
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Teapot warfare Apr 18
Replying to @HistoryInPics
It was a great idea at the time.
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Sharlene Martin Apr 19
Join Tuesday, 4/23 at 6pm at NOW's NYC offices for CHASING
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Cesar Fabiani Apr 18
Replying to @CNN
Lock um up with
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BloGoal 9h
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TMJ-ASH Retail Jobs Apr 19
This job is now open at Dollar General Corporation in , TN. Follow us and turn on mobile alerts to hear about jobs like these as soon as they're posted: STORE MANAGER CANDIDATE
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RecklezzRenegadeRecordz Apr 19
My Boiz 💊💊
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Replying to @ECMcLaughlin @POTUS
More like picture page in chief
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CiteShare Apr 16
Insurer Settles Suit with Another Accuser, Drawing His Wrath. Cosby, who is serving time in a Pennsylvania prison for assaulting another woman in 2004, lashed out at A.I.G., saying the settlement — whose terms were not disclosed — was “unauthorized”
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The Greene Team Apr 23
I am looking for a buyer on Cane Way
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Joyce M. Short Apr 22
was convicted by a definition of I've advocated to enact into law for several years - - Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement. Please share and support!
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