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future corpse arson wells Dec 11
*they brought homegurl back from
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Pablo Caesar Dec 7
Ya know is, I think a tad racist. His shows repeatedly spotlights and his sexual misconduct. Yet hardly ever addresses and sick deviant actions.
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Carl Hessler Jr. Dec 11
Bill files notice of issues complained of on appeal. Here is one of them:
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Replying to @MyDaughtersArmy
100% PURE & A DOUBLE STANDARD BLACKS ARE ALL TOO FAMILIAR WITH... #amyschumer#sarahsilverman vs
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and many others may be found guilty one day or recently. They live to 70's and beyond before any consequences. That's not justice. That's them winning a full life of fraud.
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Aviyah Baht Israel Dec 8
"Baby It's Cold Outside" song = Rape? 🤔 ... wonder what RACE and GENDER made that determination? 😑 oh and apparently it's fault ...damn devils.
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Lindsay K. Saunders Dec 9
Is it just me or does it seem like locking up & Taylor’s lawsuit are the only legal victories since the ?
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thepeacekeeper 8h
Replying to @BettyBowers
I'm thinking, he got 'D!!!
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Jenkers News (ENG) 19h
Bill 's lawyer outlines 11 alleged trial errors in appeal
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Eric Payne Dec 10
clean comedy like ? He went places some others never got to. Go !
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Are there any non disgusting non predatory creeps out there? is another , FFS!
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DDerry Jones 9h
Replying to @RBIII3 @leeleeb50
Was just pointing out Fed (White Collar) & State Violent Sex Predator. Tho’ Truth is black man commits Cohen crimes & likely gets harsher sentence. White man commits Cosby crimes likely gets less! We know very often sentencing guidelines often differ by race!😡😕
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The People Dec 2
All the media has taught us in the last few years is if you're white and accused of assaulting a woman you become a Supreme Court Justice or president if you're black and accused of assaulting a woman you go to prison or get banished from your career Cavanaugh Hunt
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Michael Thomas Fulton 6h
News in this world comes and goes way too fast... like has anyone checked if Bill Cosby died in jail or nah????
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Jenni Porterfield Dec 11
50 ways to blame your lover---- Judge
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🗽NewYorker928🗽 Dec 2
Montgomery Courthouse.. Norristown, PA.. Bill favorite court house..😰😰😰
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Lori Renee Dec 11
Check out Vtg Cotton Traders Coogi-Style Sweater Size L Crew Neck Long Sleeve via
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Replying to @nowthisnews
If women are supporting each other then ? didn't they support me? Women doctors put on men's pants and gave me a ~ I am one of the original supporters of women's rights. 70 years old ~ fought for women's rights in the 60's and against
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Adino Adonai Dec 11
White no jailtimeThe woman says she was plied with a drink of punch at the party in 2016 and became disoriented. Anderson, the woman testified, he led her behind a tent and assaulted her while she was and .
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Fueled by Facts Dec 2
Replying to @okayplayer @neiltyson
An independent investigation can determine guilt not a court of public opinion. I don’t believe he’s a or memory is a very unreliable thing over time so let’s get facts and 🤞🏾I don’t need another hero down 🌔
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