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Alejandro Gil_Parodia 1m
Replying to @DiazCanelB
For decades has had companies registered in the name of figureheads in tax havens, laundering money. When are you going to be accountable to the people of for all the and impudence of your government?
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Benedick M LOUW 1h
" is about political will and political will must come from the top throughout the ages. The top is what sets the tone and once the tone is right from the top you'll be amazed by how corruption will be decimated."
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Yoan Guzmán 2m
Colombia’s Supreme Court deliberating whether to send Uribe to jail or drop charges now I believe in Colombian justice la independencia de Los poderes y de la justicia vale oro
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Bombshell DAILY 💣 Jul 30
THERE IS NO BOTTOM As the spiraling decent continues, a leaderless nation loses its soul. Trump’s democratic dismantling, appears far from complete.
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M🕷FBPEGlobal #ForeverEuropean #BLM #NotMyPM 3.5% 23s
Replying to @csibike1
If you prefer to put on the back window of your car, yellow shows we must . Together we can move mountains. peacefully. We do not put up with ! Parliament has been hijacked. is at risk.
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sachdevsin22 9h
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Dennis Rodman 2h
Fight against not against the PEOPLE
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African Aug 1
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katherine Nicholson 3h
Utah voters deserves so much better then corrupt politicians.The current GOP in Utah hide behind religion, and high morals. It’s unfortunate that this kind of corruption has to happen for people to wake up!
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Dennis Rodman 22h
Replying to @Tinashe
This 👇 journalist was arrested for reporting on within the state & is being denied bail
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Mujibha WeChishona 13h
Why Zimbabweans are afraid of speaking??? Well, the president laughs after ordering a beatdown, arrests & killings of any citizen who peacefully protest against corruption by the government. Google doesn't work for Zimbabwe news😢
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JamesRhodes 2h
I know I keep putting this on, but I don’t give a flying fuck.
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Colleen Huber, NMD Aug 1
This courageous doctor is my hero. Awesome role model for all of us in medicine and in other fields. If everyone had Dr. Immanuel's courage, then would just wither away, instead of poisoning all of our institutions.
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Richard Hine 24h
ICYMI: Five former city employees and a former Trump Organization employee say Trump used middlemen to pay New York City tax assessors to lower building assessments and pay less taxes in the 1980s and 1990s.
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#putsouthAfricansfirst🇿🇦 Aug 2
The biggest problem we have in South Africa is this! 👇 The university of leadership 👇
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Police Squad! Aug 2
It didn't take long for me to see that the game was as crooked as Cooper's smile.
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Jack Caramac Jul 31
Across the divides here, I'm seeing some real anger online about this . All of it totally justified too.
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01nv1s1ble0 Aug 1
had an extension of the $600 bill ready refused to pass it they wanted their bill with the in it .... just can’t stop lying to America ... put him under oath and when he lies send him to jail once and for all
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Ian Fraser Aug 1
Replying to @Ian_Fraser
claims of over the govt's use of AI firm Faculty, dodgy £500m acquisition of satellite firm OneWeb and sinister doling out of Covid/PPE contracts to cronies don't matter to the likes of Steve Bannon. After all, he's used to Trump's White House
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Bombshell DAILY 💣 Jul 31
ANOTHER GUILTY CRIMINAL Better to admit your crimes than deny them.
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