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Javier Echevarria 2h
Replying to @LawEnforceToday @DNC
Veteran peace officers all knew what the is now so pervertly exposing to all, without shame: That they believe they are the Fourth Branch of government; & like the will not let standards, principles or even our Constitution stop them from doing what they want.
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BubbleYum 🦚🌺 Feb 13
Tulsi has had 1 townhall with CNN and Pete has had dozens. Why are they silencing the only women of color? They made an exception for Bloomberg why not Tulsi?
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Tejas Conservative Feb 17
Bloomberg is throwing truck loads of cash in advertising to the .. there is no way they are going negative on Bloomberg.
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Adjusted Well Feb 15
All The Hate and Corruption Started Right Here ... Obama: I won’t wear the American flag pin because I don’t like how it represents patriotism in this country. Retweet if this was the Biggest Mistake America Ever Made😡
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Antonious Maximus 🦍🦾 5h
It’s time we have a TRUE candidate of the people! 🇺🇸 ✊🏻 Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that cares about the people and not corporations
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sam steinmetz Feb 14
This is what’s wrong with America today. Fake hate vs Real Hate!
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Will_Work_4_XRP Feb 17
Shocking! Absolutely Shocking! The mainstream media is going to do something- OH MY GOD TRUMP JUST TWEETED SOMETHING STUPID!!
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🧢🐝🌺💚⚛90🇺🇸🌊 22h
Replying to @felon_fred @AndrewYang
Elections are weird and difficult in unexpected way. There is no shame in Trying. The campaign exploded then stalled. Better to cut bait than loose to DJT. are going to flip congress back to GOP. Hold your head high, we did all we could. I'm proud of us.
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Democratic Socialist 🌹 Feb 16
Replying to @ZephyrTeachout
This strategy avoids scrutiny of bad record which happens early stages in debates. But it won't work because people don't rely no more on to learn about this.
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Mostly Right Feb 17
The hard at work destroying America
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Denver Guy22 Feb 18
I’ve listen to the news for the past week talk about , / and trump coming to the area but don’t mention anything about ’s visit until the day after.
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Mark Maydole Feb 17
Replying to @dbongino
No. Rather wants all presidents to act like Bush 43 acted when he applied fake news.
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#ProgressiveParty Feb 14
The Corporate Media Is Directly Profiting from Mike Bloomberg’s Rise as He Spends Fortune on TV Ads ——
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Jen 6h
This rivals the thrill down the leg.
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Cayenne Peppa 🌹#BernieIsMyPresident Feb 18
Replying to @melaniesdavis
In 2016 the MSM showed DT rallies all the time. Why aren't they showing us this?
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SeeJaneVote 5h
Replying to @ABCPolitics
"wealthy farmers". Sounds like it's going to food production which is probably pretty important Your TDS is showing
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Lucia ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 4h
🤣There are only 257 days left til the election & is at a solid 46% approval on website !🤣Even the can't deny the rise in his approval! If RCP has it at 46% u can easily add another 5% to it!
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Aegon the Pomsky Feb 13
When a campaign uses their own company to attempt to post positive coverage, thats literally the definition of collusion, corruption, & it's illegal. Yet here we are and no one in the mainstream media will question it one bit. Wonder why
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Breaking Titan Feb 17
I just love how triggered the got with all this. The never disappoint 😂
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Mostly Right Feb 15
Again, we must ask, if 'no one knows' the "whistleblower" why do those on the left go berserk when you say a name like David Robertson, or Eric Ciaramella, or Steven Jones, or..... anyone else? Hmmmm?
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