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Amy Apr 15
No issue with Andre Gomes charged for stamping on Mitrovic, but when so many have happened and he is charged and not Jorginho or Salah, you must question why Everton and not the “top” clubs
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Ed Rodriguez Jr. 1m
Replying to @MichelleRempel
Hard working and public servant are actually mutually exclusive entitlement yes colluded yes.
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MiddleRob 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🗽 13m
Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr
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G Dawg 9h
To whitness the Rot on America, & how WallSt bought your Reps. Watch at the Strike rally. The most lowlife to call himself an American, standing wth aka SlickWilly's 2016 StopBernie escort, tell'n their victims how great they are..
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Govindarajan N 1m
In addition the defective proof vest procured by Congress Govt failed to stop bullets
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Paul Henderson 2h
Replying to @MattSN590
It looks better than the Libranos.
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👹Nuno Musik Benfica👽 1h
Replying to @UEFA @UEFAcom
didn't see this offside!?!?
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Angelina Cruz 49m
Replying to @cruzangelina
There's nothing I can do about it right now (I look like a reptile - AFTER the upload onto Facebook), but this is definitely a worthy mention.
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Immunda 7h
Do get a referee from Leeds today or is it just our rivals who get the home town referee benefit?
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Jimbo 4h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
. 0ne can't comment on a crime that wasn't " C O M I T T E D ", that's actually a Hoax ! DNC wasn't hacked by Russian's, unit was never investigated. Seth Rich had excess ! (he died/mysteriously)
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Replying to @THECITYNY
We can all sleep easier knowing the recent Law allowing to Donate to the Legal Defense Funds of was recently passed. We can trust Lobbyists 2 defend the innocent like & we all know zero strings will be attached to these gifts.
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👹Nuno Musik Benfica👽 Apr 18
On the 21st century can't see an offside for a german team! Nothing chances in !!!! ENOUGH...
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Senator Calvin Baynard 21h
So much corruption it’s hard to keep track. And pretty discomfiting how we’re forming judgments based mostly on what is legally prosecutable. We don’t need lawyers to judge ethics. is .
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Chris1878 Apr 17
Once again VAR has been proven to be a farcical waste of everyone's time. played well BUT the llorente goal was clear How can they get it so wrong? Unless of course it's part of a bigger plan
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✌️STU ✌ 23h
Or waste it not actually buying anything useful that’s going to put more water back in the river system? ?
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Quontreece Thompson Apr 17
Wow. Trump got what he wanted an A.G that is his personal lawyer.
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MrMarlboro2009 🇮🇪 4h
Replying to @Independent_ie
Irish football was at risk because of you and your cronies stealing money from it hand over fist.
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David Nolan Apr 15
I will always find you. — . — 21+ RP. — Dark themes. — Muse of . — .
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👹Nuno Musik Benfica👽 23h
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MSW OKC 405 411 22h
My latest film that won't be a film: purchase of a cell phone, which somehow required two if not three SIM cards be popped, fresh from the store locked cabinet, as they were . BOGO offer, only got one phone. WHO GOT THE OTHER?
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