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ChiefsatWar 🏈 17 Oct 19
O' you seriously thought you would beat us?!?!?!?! FOREVER!!!
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PaladinDad 3 Sep 18
I’m burning my candle at both ends these days. I will likely be dead by the end of the wick.
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Colby E. Witt 2 Aug 19
Everyone’s got a nice “number neighbor” but I got the one that threatened to have me arrested 😒👍🏼
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☂️Goshdarn_Independent 🧢🌂 Dec 30
Replying to @HmongsForYang
So I leave Twitter for an hour and the goal moves to #3.5MilForYang.... has moved support to a feverpitch. is a place holder. is gonna happen in 2020.
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Kebert Xela 20 Mar 17
guess you guys like people who don't like women and support domestic violence
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Future Sea Lion 24 Mar 19
Replying to @AriMelber @QueerjohnPA
Yeah let's act totally surprised that the Iran Contra bag man is covering up Trump's collusion.
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Todd Timm 24 May 18
Replying to @Murph_Andy @Kalinay14
How bout my nephew running at DIII Nationals for Simpson in 100m&110H. 2x AA already, going for 2 more.
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7and5forever 29 Mar 18
Replying to @Murph_Andy
Ian Happ hitting a home run on the first pitch of the season
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SGeer_Music 11 Jun 18
Special thanks to for taking some time out of his evening to lay down some background vocals on our song "COOL COOL" coming soon.
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Happy thandi (winter ) once again to all my friends ⛄⛄⛇⛇🌬🌬☃☃☃
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neytan!? 10 Aug 19
Got this as a gift from ate anika For winning the election
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Brandon Lay 16 Jul 18
So I’ve already pissed off two German airport workers.
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Aubry Melvin 8 Mar 19
Just saw Jake Fromm in a gas station and didn’t have the guts to say hey and get a pic
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Misha Whalen Feb 27
There’s a guy at work who has some health issues..I thought he was hard of hearing, but it turns out he can hear just fine, just chooses to ignore me!
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Aaron and Alayne Creative Industries 13 Aug 17
Re National's fines for under 14s 'English concedes the policy isn't based on any research he has seen'
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Eastern Hognose 2 Oct 18
My professor told us the test was going to be fill in the blank... I didn’t know that meant the whole page was going to be blank and I had to write a paragraph...
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Maria’s Tolerable but Not Handsome Enough to Tempt 22 Nov 19
Me: ugh all my clothes are black. I can't see what's what!! Also me: yeah but does it come in black?
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Deborah Mosunich 2 Mar 18
Tony we appreciate all you have done at 640.
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hawkeyebball 28 Jun 18
is coming back to Des Moines for
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Marie McCausland 19 Nov 19
Frustrating how some researchers claim to want to do ...but when asked to read books like Superior or Killing the Black Body...which question the ethics of their research...they backpedal.
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