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Mark Stevens 17h
Every case is unique, and in THIS case the person who was shot posed a legitimate threat to public safety. Your generalities about how police should react is what's got you acting the fool here. There is no cookie cutter approach to policing.
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David Dockterman Aug 8
Still a believer in growth mindset, but . No one size fits all. It’s also easier to amplify beliefs within the culture than to change them.
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IG:T2wice Aug 16
Replying to @process1service
This is some , the internet is not real.
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Andrew Aug 14
Is your leadership model able to keep up with the rate of change in challenges those leaders are facing?
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Invest and Live Aug 15
A double top is an extremely bearish indicator, yet fundamentals are exceptionally strong. Cup and handle is extremely bullish indicator and looks exactly like a double top until fall below previous support level. More to analysis then looking at a chart.
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Judith Greene Aug 15
Replying to @LGAairport
Guessing you mean don’t fly, right?
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King in the North 20h
Agreed. Which is why I despise data ONLY driven narrative...
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Joshua WeiSheng Farn Aug 14
Media will use anything to take things out of context and accused the Conservatives. Ben Shapiro was accurate in his talk.
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amarince Aug 14
"Imagine mo, whole day, all you do is make pokpok"
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Context Matters Aug 9
Replying to @DrakeFantasy
This is a situation where each back has a strong skill or two, but no one is good at all of them. That has been screaming committee all along despite Reid RB1 history. Damien will get good work as a receiver but Hyde is gonna eat into those carries.
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Jodi Podi Aug 9
Replying to @marklutchman
Oh look! Mark knows a “stat”! What Mark DOESN’T tell you is that slavery was part of the fabric of everyday life and slaves were always considered property by MOST “citizens” and as such, was considered “normal.”
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Context Matters Aug 15
Replying to @SigmundBloom
It would be a great story. Great point by you though since there is a chance they are resting him due to Achilles. So far camp reports are solid though.
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Karen Pendergrass 23h
Replying to @abigjackrabbit
What if the 22 year old is trying to get into the baristas pants... And conversely, what if the gold-digging barista is trying to get into the 47 year olds pants so he showing her he’s stingy and not having it?
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Heather Mylan-Mains Aug 12
Never forgot to ask the user doing the work what they need! Simple yet missed!
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One American Aug 12
Please make the current , his and your journalist colleagues aware that listeners appeciate Q&A coverage most when questions posed to the speaker can be heard as clearly as the responses. Thank you! cc:
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DataScouts Aug 13
DataScouts supports in capturing and aggregating data from multiple sources, to visualize and explore the stakeholders and in developing collective intelligence. 🏙️
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Saiko Woods Aug 13
Ever took a course in Bible Interpretation?
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Ashley Sigrest Aug 10
Smack dab giddy over my shirt from @solagratiaco 💛
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BigMac Aug 13
None of them are Italian.
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DrFCP 20h
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