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Feddy 29m
So is making double the salary of lol
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GH1 Jun 11
Meanwhile in Nanchino...
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Sam Wilson 🦅 10h
In an interview with , former goalkeeper hit out at those Juventini branding a traitor for taking over at . "What really did upset me was seeing some Juve fans calling for Conte’s star in the HoF to be removed after joining Inter."
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EnJoY Inter Jun 10
feat. - Here we go...
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Inter Ba Jun 11
Replying to @inter_ba
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Great-Sage Jun 13
Please why Why go thru all the hustle to sack and pay all that money Why go thru all the TUFF hustle to bring in and pay all that money Only to sack him after A SEASON. Why ma club why 😭 Thank you Sarri..
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Nexho_11 Jun 10
1/2 this f*cking scenario about reminds me of ! we have year after year always the same sh*t problems! when do we finally learn from it? i‘m just getting tired of having to start every f*cking season new. every year you have to change the philosophy.
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S. K. MOORE Jun 11
Replying to @S_K_MOORE
The drama in 2018/19, his consequential drop in form, and the arrival of Antonio - after six seasons, ’s time at may be coming to a conclusion. However, the or abroad, at 26 years of age the 🇦🇷 is still one of the most lethal strikers in the game.
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Leumas_ble$$edboi 3h
Congratulations to inter Milan in advance
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digitaliano Jun 8
Replying to @AnnaAscani
Conte?? Goooooood Morning Vietnam
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Nicolò Schira Jun 13
Romelu is the Antonio ’s absolute first choice like a striker. have an agreement with him for a contract until 2024 (€7,5M more bonuses at year). Contacts ongoing with , that want €70M at least to sell Lukaku.
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amed احمد هلابي Jun 11
Watchout haters, 's goal celebration next season under will be like...
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Grey N. Siahaan 2h
Mou ke Milan.. Welcome to Liga Chelsea..
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Artika Jun 9
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Reiner.Football Jun 7
wants to get rid of and from .
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Kanu Francis Jun 12
Replying to @MUFCScoop
This guy must be retarded to think is the best manager in the world.
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EnJoY Inter Jun 12
GdS: has blocked and stopped any transfer or loan of
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EnJoY Inter Jun 14
CdS: €120m, expensive €70m Lukaku, €35m Barella, €15m Dzeko ready to put a frightening sum on the table to give the Coach his desired players It all depends on selling Icardi, who yesterday left on his vacation and continues to put up a wall
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Yaman Zeitouni 2h
This is a sad day for me, but things can change.. When was replaced with , I thought we’re heading into a disaster.. But Allegri proved us all wrong.. Hope will be able to repeat that experience..
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Novine Farm Jun 7
“ I am sorry not to leave with a defending award among my honors” just floored and in one statement
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