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β€πŸ’Victoria Hallβ€πŸ’– Feb 17
I want to know where ALL you Constitutional & were when sent 2 BILLION in CASH by airplane to our ENEMIES in where the most evil group ISIS formed by & ! Where were U when he went around Congress 4 Amnesty?
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simon dale 18h
So the conservatives fuck Brexit up and now Labour are falling apart. Are there any politicians that are remotely able to run this country without creating an awful mess ?
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Bryan Sweetland Feb 15
Very sad to hear this morning that our good friend Peter Hart has fought his last campaign. RIP Peter.
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Richard Jacob 18h
There goes And I though the we're going to be the first to split.
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Phillip K. Mott 12h
Replying to @phillipkmott
Imagine if the gave a shit about family structures and the English canon. About checks and balances and the nuanced equations of the secular and journalistic traditions.
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Dan Kopelman 8h
Replying to @MrAndyNgo
This seems to expose a form of terrorism. It terrorizes good and into hiding their beliefs and fosters guilt by association among average citizens attempting to lead quiet, productive lives free from the long arm of big government. Well done Mr. Ngo.
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Jackie P 15h
Message to should we not have a replacement Leader chosen in the wings in case!?It could make a big difference even if get to 2022!
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Joshua the Noble 24m
Replying to @sahilkapur @JoyAnnReid
Ahh, nothing like the greed of the to steal from the rich and give to the poor. And before you berate me. I am below the poverty line myself but dont believe in stealing from the rich to solve problems cause it doesnt
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ConcernedofClitheroe Feb 17
Replying to @Harv278
Are the dogs to provide moral direction?
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𝕡𝖔𝖗𝖉𝖆𝖓 π•Έπ–”π–”π–—π–Š 18h
Why do we have a bunch of MP’s in Parliament acting like babies when we’re in the middle of dealing with . More organisation in a bloody school playground.
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Sarah Bool 7h
Great evening with at the Policy Network hearing about his department (Environment Food and Rural Affairs)...a crucial area for us to focus on - not just for this generation but those yet to come - thanks to
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Comatose Dictator 5h
Aaron Gunn and BC Proud make me laugh...all of the time..and he's delivering this in front of a university while lambasting certain degrees.
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Just Me.Rachel.(IMP) 17h
I can see sticking like glue now there's a . are fucked if people support Be very ashamed you 7 splitters.
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Flush75 16h
Replying to @I_P_M_ @a_michol
Trump is faaar from perfect. Nice try though... Just consider the fact that he cheated on his THIRD WIFE while she was pregnant (keep it classy) - or - repeated sexual expressions toward his own daughter. You make me sick to my stomach w/ your blatant
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Canadian Election Predictions Feb 17
If the Canadian Federal Election was today, I project would win a strong minority gov't, despite a weak and a the . Usually, those factors are a bad omen for the but now they seem to be having no bad effects on their success.
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New Conservatives 7h
RELAUNCHING NEXT WEEK! We’re having a little makeover, we’ve got some exciting things on the way! So stay tuned and we’ll be back next week!
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ThisConservativeBoi 4h
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Michael Gore 9h
Well done ; our national security is of the highest importance and I'm glad the are dedicated to protect our great nation.
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Joshua the Noble Feb 17
Replying to @KamalaHarris
are the biggest imminent threat to the world, much more than fake man made climate change. the climate changes and has for thousands of years without mans help. , we are all still here.
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Eric Adler Feb 16
The Alt-Right are afraid of all other ethnic groups, loss of control, disorder, the unexpected, freedom and responsibility. Nietzsche would not have been Alt-Right had he lived today, but H.P. Lovecraft would have.
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