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The Grey Man Nov 27
Elect a clown, you get a circus!
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Zachary McCarty Dec 3
Replying to @TheMarinaTimes @sfbos
Our city is so backwards. Why should property owners have to pay more $ to deal with the of the impotency and ineptness of city leaders? Where are those tax $ going? Stop funding millions of needles & other ridiculous services.
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Nigel 🌹Spencer 🏴 GREEN NEW DEAL VOTE LABOUR Nov 28
Mentions here full of outraged golf club bores whose brains have exploded because they’re “not allowed” to do racism anymore. Here’s the news: You can say wtf you want - just accept that when you act like a dick you’ll get called a dick.
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It was quite informative....learned alot about the negative of
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Mike from Queens 8h
Replying to @Mezikenyc
I saw a 3BR in Washington Heights today. Was formerly used for a drug operation. Owner just got control of the unit. Legal rent he can charge is less than $800. Market rate is like $3K Cost of cleaning the apt up and renovating is at least $50K.
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OPS☆TrafficCaseManager☆ Nov 29
Our City's investment in ALPR technology continues to pay dividends; as does the OPS deployment of Traffic Services and our NRT team to address public safety issues in Vanier; Suspended driver caught for the 2nd time in 33 days - vehicle seized/towed & court date.
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Kemal Erkan Nov 27
Wisdom consists of the anticipation of .
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Karin Morrow Nov 27
Wonder which is plummeting at a faster rate ... SAA ticket sales or SARS tax returns ....
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montymiff 5h
Replying to @McFaul
In the 90’s "elite", referring to a person who was educated, successful at a job and financially comfortable, became an insult. It was a derogatory term thrown at politicians and their $supporters$ by pundits, politicians and supporters ($comfortable$ or not).
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Karin Morrow Nov 29
Perhaps the poor water deprived folk of PE should appeal to Afriforum and Gift of the Givers ..... reality is delivering a hard stomach punch ...
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is terrorism 13h
Oh really?! How do you explain the tens of thousands of kids put in cages for his nationalist, political pandering to his xenophobic base?
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Jocelyn O’Gara Nov 27
Today,you are about to condemn innocent lives to damnation. You are personally responsible for tearing apart families & sickening thousands by signing this bill. THINK OF THOSE CHILDREN WHOSE FAMILIES RELY ON THEIR PARENTS TO BE ALIVE!
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chimby Dec 4
Replying to @ZachHeilprin
And you cannot lose to Illini. Horrible loss.
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Katie Sinback Dec 4
Replying to @kt_sinback
Don't cross me or you'll find yourself on the business end of a heavy sigh or a covertly rolled eye.
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Mrs C Nov 27
visit Year 9 today. Drama and personal life stories shared in an interactive presentation.
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#UnfollowGemmaO🦄 4h
Good! How many times have we heard such rhetoric here now?! “Taking back our country” “great replacement” etc.
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🔶#Turnaround #Veteran #CashWars #FCA🔶 Nov 27
Replying to @johnredwood
On advice from folk like & JRM - many UK investors have felt forced to weight their savings/pension portfolios well away from the UK. The slo-mo investment train crash we're witnessing (over 4 years, now!) is inevitably taking its toll (on US!) ! 10/15
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Gunshot injuries have long-term medical
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is terrorism 12h
The only “sham” is your weak defense of crimes by and this administration. Your actions, in support of those crimes, are aiding and abetting. will be significant. Especially since those crimes include .
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Tweet4Freedom Dec 4
VOTE out in 2020. We CAN remove them from power.
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