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Debbie Greenberg Oct 19
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zerogirlcoolšŸŽˆ 14m
You have been committing fraud form 2015 u should be in jail already
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Truth Matters 3h
Leave it to to eloquently tell it like it is!
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Left of Center 17m
The is literally killing people
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Lydia James 2h
No he has not. Some members of GOP congress have publically condoned Trumpā€”at times. Great. It stops there. lies,spreads hate,divides,supports autocrats,attacks democracy & allies,has business conflicts,nepotism,bullies& is mean.
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Ms Ruby O 2h
This should not be swept under the rug...
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Celiene O'Hara 12h
Replying to @Comey @realDonaldTrump
DIMMING it? The and should all be arrested for being accessories-after-the-fact in a man's vile and BRUTAL murder! THEY CHOPPED HIM UP LIKE A SUNDAY CHICKEN WHILE STILL ALIVE!! And want to sell them arms to kill the last Yemeni!
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Replying to @Alyssa_Milano @FoxNews
Wow. My grandchildren are more mature than a member of the ā€” I still find that stunning no matter how many times weā€™ve seen it.
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Amk 3h
Replying to @marcorubio
What is the going to do about it?
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Ms. L. Oct 18
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Jimmy Carl 2h
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lschapi 16h
Replying to @claudiatenney
Donā€™t forget the corrupt friends you hang out with !
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SjT 4h
- for once do something to make yourself worthy of temporarily filling John McCainā€™s shoes. For once, choose country over party. For once do the right thing. For once.
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Jim G 18h
Replying to @FoxNews @foxnewsnight
"Died in consulate" Fist fight broke out and he forgot to bring his bone saw. So he "died" I can stop wondering what 1939 Germany was like...
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Kim Marie 5h
Two pathetic
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AltCheeto - for SCOTUS Oct 19
Replying to @GOP
Farther than calling people "horseface" because they disagree with us? Farther than praising a congressman for assaulting a journalist? Farther than having "rallies" that glorify violence and hate? I think you are thinking of the ...
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CowboyundertheStars 7h
Hes not even pretending... it's the that are to blame at this point
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the laughter 9h
Replying to @page88 @latimes
ā€œKhashoggiā€™s writing was banned in Saudi Arabia not because he was critical of Mohammad bin Salman or the government. It was because, two days after the presidential election in 2016, Khashoggi mildly criticizedā€”Donald Trump.ā€
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Elise 9h
Replying to @atDavidHoffman
I agree! This was staged! Remember the desperate will do anything & everything possible to ā€œdivert & cause chaosā€. This is their ā€œgame planā€! Donā€™t buy it, please. WHEN they go low; WE VOTE!!
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chris mager 10h
Replying to @ellievan65
OMG!! The are always lying to explain away the MORONā€™s bad behavior!!
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