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Sally Ray Jan 14
You’re wrong...again. I live in Cypress, TX & I’m freaked out that you are complicit with a Russian asset in the White House! ⁦⁩ Answer your phones & you would know that I’m not alone!
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Robert Graves Jan 13
I am certain if President Obama had concealed his notes and discussions with Putin would be just fine with that concealment. And to be clear, when I say “I am certain” I mean no way in holy hell he would have been OK with it.
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ProgressNow Jan 13
has been in plain sight since before the election. It appears hundreds of Americans, including Congressional leaders have known our president is a traitor. It is an indictment of our political system, media and most of all, the that he was not stooped
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Dragonheart ❤ "I choose to Love fearlessly!" 17h
Sharing, for anyone who wants to use in lieu of their profile pic. I'm likely to make it mine. An upside-down American flag is an indicator of a national emergency. I'm sickened by the . A Russian asset is in the WH, and the is *fine* with it.
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louisa 16h
I called my senators (Burr and Tillis) to ask why. From both: “He hasn’t issued a statement, so I cannot speak for him.”
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Dr. Dena Grayson Jan 13
Over a year ago, former DNI James Clapper said that is a 🇷🇺asset. Yet the remains silently complicit.🤬
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katie kelly mack 20h
The GOP is actively working against American interests.
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TrueNorthSNF 18h
Replying to @russchoma @MotherJones
GOP = Giving Oligarch Privileges
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snowglobe indy Jan 14
Replying to @senatemajldr
You are to blame for this shutdown! Now get off your behind and put to a vote what the senate has already passed! Nancy sent it to you. What do you know about Trump being a Russian asset? Shame on the
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CowboyundertheStars 21h
Replying to @McFaul @GOP
Cause the is
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KGamel 18h
Replying to @mkraju @SenatorBurr
Nice cover up,
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katie kelly mack Jan 16
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gigi alvarez Jan 12
I believe, is as much at fault for this if not more than , he can stop this insanity yet chooses to turn his back on the American people.
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Mitch Beauregard 22h
Spicey, your 15 minutes of integrity are gone. Please don’t continue to tarnish what is left of your dignity.
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Suzzanne 16h
Is it worth it?
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Dr. Dena Grayson Jan 12
The government is , and is being investigated for being a 🇷🇺agent. Where is the ⁉️ They’re cowering under their covers instead of DOING THEIR DUTY to “defend the US Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.“🤬
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FredRock 📝 Jan 15
A permission slip from Vladimir.
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Amor De Cosmos 20h
Trump was warned. He did it anyway. Americans died. He is responsible. So is the rest of the Putin-owned traitorous .
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kl johnson 16h
This is ON POINT. & win the internet today. We see you 👀
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Chris Malkove Jan 15
Replying to @SteveScalise
I called your office today pleading for you to help end the shutdown. And to stop with these repetitive posts that either fear monger or blame the Democrats. Enough already! Do your frigging job and help reopen the Government! Complicit ass!
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