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Once a rebel ... always a rebel! 20h
Replying to @nicktolhurst
Have you got the photo? Yes I think so PM Ok ... Michael chuck this crap down the sink. Priti get the Chateau Neuf. Du Pape. I’ll get the canapés... I wanna do what do
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Valead & The Other Rock Jun 28
- Official Video / Single 1995 from the album (1995)
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Mayank Kaushik Jun 27
After , some known personalities also understood the tactics of few school groups but How only seems to be weak in front of these giants? How they are able to overturn decisions of govt every 2nd day of notification?
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Amy Flynn Jul 2
Had a really insightful evening courtesy of being reminded to be curious and keep looking for open doors and that sometimes it's alright to get into bed and cry😂
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🍀Anonymous 💢Global Hackers Crew 💢Central 🍀 Jul 1
You really still believe the care about us the ? You really still believe they act in ‘our’ best interets ? You really believe those ‘we’ elected do represent us? Time for you to and stop being a . the !!!
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Aleks Figo 🌴 Jul 2
. maybe it wasn't our last gig in UK but it was the most incredible one, here you have the guilties ant the people, the best moment?, singing jumping hugging crying with all the fans around us! It was amazing! 🤟🏼🤩
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Martina 5h
Nothing but grey skies so am tucked up in my Galway 2020 scarf-blanket enjoying again, ed . Love the cover. Special grá for 's Working Class: An Escape Manual
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iマークن 🎏 1h
Replying to @BBCNews
I just noticed both the Labour and Lib Dem leaders are sirs 😁
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Music Among Other Things 11h
Replying to @pulp2011
In honour of this very special episode, here’s a rewrite of ’s from the Wizard’s perspective ⚡️🎸
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NancyMitford Jun 26
Like a dog lying in a corner They will bite you and never warn you Look out, they'll tear your insides out 'Cause everybody hates a tourist Especially one who thinks it's all such a laugh Yeah and the chip stain's grease Will come out in the bath
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Vignesh Saravanan Jun 26
We never going to get any kind of justice for before also we don't get any justice Some examples 1.Thoothukudi gun fire 2. in Trichy pregnant lady die 3......lot 💔 💔 💔💔
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Louise Powell Jul 2
Replying to @ace_national
It's our hope that this piece extends the dialogue which the anthology started about class, & demonstrates the richness of working-class lives & experiences. I am so grateful to & the National Lottery for their support of this project. (4/5)
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Ninad Parte Jun 29
Replying to @Nano_Ninu
Complete mockery of by this ministers of . been prosecuted who are struggling to make ends meet. What an example setters
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Megha Jain 19h
When life happens to you, rise up and happen to life. Mrs Priti Kashyap takes us on her journey, and makes us realise how important energies and positivity can be.
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vikas dhar 19h
My hand folded namaskar sir please give some time towards Christian missionaries they are misleading under previliged people and converting them please before it's too late.
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Lynne Voyce Jun 30
As part of the conversation about class with , I've found the recent demands for more diversity in publishing so welcome! True representation will make books central to our cultural life again. I say this as a teacher as well as a writer.
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Louise Powell Jul 1
On , I'm reflecting on the first time I felt like one: the event I did w/ & at the gorgeous last Oct. Still energised by our talk of the richness of N. lives & words & all things flait & flapping!
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Shubhendu Jul 2
Replying to @BDUTT
I guess tht three months in open without the influence of power drunk and narcissistic persons who govern India not by merit but by shenanigans has brought you closer to us the . Welcome to the real world
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𝔟𝔥𝔦𝔡𝔲 Jun 28
Wrote a piece for GCTC. The article analyses impact that the presence of Naxalites and Government forces have on the lives of people living in these areas. Do give it a read. Reviews and suggestions are welcome. :)
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Bruce Medcalf aka The Dream Avenger Jul 3
TYFF Lynne, represented by . English teacher. Bearwood. Dog. Daughters. Northerner. Working class background.
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