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Greg Swierczewski Apr 11
This guy doesn’t slow down for speed bumps. Other than minimal comedic value, it’s actually embarrassing to Americans past and present this man was Director of the FBI. I’m sure he “never thought of” lying as “dishonest” either
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Mahendra Singh Apr 14
After listening to her interview I can say that can defeat once again. All the punditry aside, she defeated him last time except for 80,000 votes in key states - largely due factor. She can do it again and - not a laughing stock.
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Jacques Bensimon Apr 11
Shouldn't be on the dark web trying to buy a new identity right now rather than opening his big yap to NBC "News"?!
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James Woods Apr 15
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Trish Regan Apr 12
Somebody, I believe, is rather nervous.
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Karen Z Apr 12
Replying to @DLoesch
Spying defined by Merriam- Webster: a person employed by a government to obtain secret information or intelligence...” . It’s elementary 😂. Embarrassing!!
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North Folk Mom Apr 18
Replying to @hunterschwarz
That's not a slip of the tongue. That's defamation. should sue.
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VA Beach Law Group 19m
1. Spying did occur, 2. No collusion, and 3. Hillary still not the President. tighten up your wig!
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Myth Watch Apr 11
For , spying doesn't include leaks, conspiring, subverting, lying, sedition, treason and the whole shebang.
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Sonja Kapela 7h
I am absolutely sure it wasn’t them! FBI is independent institution , relaying on evedence and investigating ! From there on it’s public opinion! who was fired “because “of Hilary emails instead of Russia thing where our own president was involved! Disturbing
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Eric Neubauer 22h
Replying to @benshapiro
Hasn't been for a while.
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Archivist1000 12h
Your daughter is a LIAR Your daughter is 'bearing false witness' on others, such as
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Sue Wahl_Sue Miller Apr 12
JUST LISTED!!! If interested, contact the &Shepherd
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❌ wishuhappiness #StandWithIsrael Apr 10
James Baker, FBI’s Top Lawyer under ,testified after reviewing large binder of emails had classified information in them, he believed should face charges, but was talked out of it. Who thinks this is violation of Act BAM
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Replying to @MarkDice @Comey
Think he maybe trying to find an exit.... or is this a clue???? You ok
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Vio Amariei Apr 13
getting used to Alcatraz view!
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dick jones Apr 18
all the really bad deep staters are cowering in new zealand
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Daren G Apr 18
OK. Willing to take at face value Trump & his team did not KNOWINGLY Collude/Conspire. Although lies galore. Obstruction evidence seems substantial.
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Kathy Richardson MSN 5h
You know what makes me sick, Mike?! How disengenuous u are throwing stones at when ur own daughter lied to Americans. Reading from a script she said agents lost faith in . Totally made up lie, not a
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The Mike Malloy Show 24h
How does one spew multiple sentences filled with vitriolic lies that had SO demoralized the FBI he had to be fired......then tell Mueller “oops, slip of the tongue!” Never seen anything like these liars. Boy, they sure hate America
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