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Michael G Velazquez Jul 3
Replying to @01Starblazer
He Gets An Overall 'D' From Me ... And That Is Only Because The Recent Draft May Produce Some Significant Talent ... ... Not ...
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Conor Jun 29
Ten games under .500
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#MetsFansUnited Aug 6
......too soon?
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Nick Silva Jun 6
Yeah signing Dallas Keuchel is cool and all but he’s no Ervin Santana so..
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New York Practice Squad Jan 31
Feel like if we offered Harper a contract for about the same as everyone is offering him he’d consider because we have a 3 great top 3 pitchers, an upgraded lineup and bullpen, and a new GM who isn’t afraid to make moves.
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Mickey’s Angels May 24
Brodie and I were smoking the g bong this morning before bathtime with the Wilpons, and decided that Ervin Santana and Matt Kemp could really help this team
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Honest Brodie Van Wegnen Jul 28
It has happened. I have finally finished my plan of cleaning out our farm system. Kay, Kelenic, Dunn, Simeon all gone.
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Jimmy Granger™ Jun 28
Replying to @EvanRobertsWFAN
Yankees are 52-28. You never hear a peep from the GM, unless it’s necessary. The manager is polite, seems competent, and his guys are winning. Not once did I hear . Strange.
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𝔑𝔬𝔱𝔄𝔰𝔅𝔦𝔤𝔇𝔞𝔳𝔢 ™️ Jun 28
The Mets slogan shouldn’t have been , it should been Cum In Us. They get fucked every night
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MetsGonnaMet Jun 29
Replying to @Mets
Least the 1969 Mets were fun.
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M ust E nd T he S eason Jun 30
I've never been outright lied too by ownership in this fashion.
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Meddler May 30
Lol Mets are gonna lose a Jason Vargas 7ip 1r start and a game where they scored 8 behind Noah
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Meddler Jun 1
Lol Mickey pulled alonso in another game that got tied up
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Tom #LFGM Feb 16
Bruh. We saw it 20 times a year for how many damn years. We don't give a shit.
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Mike the Angry Mets Fan Jun 24
The question for this game is whose bullpen will implode the most during the second half of the game. Sorry Phillies but we always win that battle
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Kevin Stranahan Jun 1
Replying to @richmacleod
Mets bullpen with an ERA of almost TWELVE on this road trip. .
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Honest Brodie Van Wegnen Jul 20
I shot for the playoffs, and landed the 8th overall pick in next year's draft.
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Kenneth H, Keller Jun 26
As a Mets fan I will once again have no meaningful baseball to watch for half the season. Many thanks.
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nyc101 🇺🇸 Jun 24
Replying to @NYPost_Mets
Ramos another great get by
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Kris Brogna Mar 18
Back at it for Spring football. ASYLUM Wall 2019 ready to compete! @ Wall, New Jersey
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