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You know what today’s date is ... 3.22 ☠️ Pity to the you are going to be up next in the Investigators Reports:
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Richard Moody 5h
Replying to @HillaryClinton
AG Barr can now look into all that went on by the higher ups in the FBI and DOJ; the FISA; that a Special Counsel could be CALLED WITHOUT A CRIME! What about all the process crimes of , the DNC and the !
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Emily Francis Roach 4h
Hahhahahahahahahaha no further indictments as per What will Dems dream up now?!? I would pay another tens of millions to investigate and the .
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Mike 10h
Replying to @atensnut
I could see it like on mtv as a room raiders. Then they can guess who’s the next person to wacked by the Clintons
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L. E. Brown, Jr. 4h
want Mueller reports on Trump and Clinton to be made to the public. Oops, the FBI cleared Clinton before people were interviewed, and after . So no reports on lost emails or Russian money to .
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exnycop 7h
not even colluders was indicted or the
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Trump Triumphs 6h
It's time to to the full and together (or maybe separately) with ()
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S 2 3 2 3 Ƨ® Mar 21
The Epstein Islanders. [LIST] Now you see. /temple /worship /child trafficking
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Scott Rainey 12m
Replying to @CNNPolitics
Wait til you see how many bytes he collects in relation to the and their involvement with trafficking children. You probably won’t report on it
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A. Vermeer/FreeAssange 13h
Why doesn't ever speak about the ? art collection? ? pay to play? selling fetuses to corporations? ? ? ? Why Sandy? Why? Not allowed to?
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Robin Karr Mar 19
You hit the nail on the head when you said follow the money to the !
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PatrioMedia 18h
Did Killery on her email?
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💯%MAGA 💥💣💥 12h
I would be willing to wager current investigations have brought about indictments. There are currently 90,600+ sealed indictments in this country. Research what has/is being investigated.
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Ray❌ 20h
Replying to @RhiannaWaters
I believe the course of events will go: 1. Unseal 's case ( ). 2. released reveals NO . 3. Horowitz's released implicating .....
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D 11h
Replying to @WhiteHouse
Please get Haiti 🇭🇹 on the record speaking about the ☠️☠️☠️
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PamelaDrew 13h
'it might keep machine & its hangers-on in politics. It also seems like a questionable idea insofar as Clinton is a nepotist legacy case whose whole career to this point has been hopping from one dodgy patronage job to another'
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Ian MacLean 8h
Replying to @AOC
They're not interested in anything that doesn't help them rig primaries. it sounds as though this would hurt their ability to rig primaries. Unsurprising...
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BU2B Mar 21
Replying to @JackPosobiec
action groups funnel the guns to drug lords probably with help of the $$$$$
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Great Awakening Coach #PrayForEveryone Mar 18
's father was the attorney for the sex cult , who's founder is charged with child porn, human trafficking & branding it's members. She's also friends with the cult's co-founder, Nancy Salzman - who has deep ties to the . Highly suspicious.
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Don Everson 4h
Replying to @RealJamesWoods
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