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Replying to @Know_More_News
Everyone who opposes the did.
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Katrina M Gray Apr 16
Nope! There's REALLY nothing to see here! What about and ?
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Bobby Bush Apr 17
Replying to @CMAGracias
I have never had a doubt
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Nate Apr 19
It's yet to be investigated. They denied they spied, and the investigation should come soon.
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David Oden Apr 15
Well at least he is providing jobs and money for the state of Ky unlike the former president and secretary of state.
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ECOProDucks Apr 16
Replying to @HillaryClinton
You, madam, should cease to draw attention to yourself, as you are in the fortunate position to be sitting somewhere on the outside of the bars at this moment...out of sight, out of mind.
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The Woke Sheeple Apr 18
Chomsky is smart enough that he could have said this 2 or 3 years ago if he wanted. Instead he provided cover for the with an uncharacteristically myopic take based on fake realpolitik.
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TruthSeeker@heart Apr 19
Replying to @true_pundit
When will the truth about Bill Clinton's involvement be made public?
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Scott Uehlinger Apr 18
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Gold Buffalo Apr 19
Now the is out we can confirm by investigation that crimes were committed by the
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Thomas nolan Apr 18
biggest hoax ever in American politics. A propaganda tool used to ruin people's lives and viciously attack the . Obama , should have a target on their back now if the people responsible for this get investigated.
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Lyle P Logan Apr 18
Replying to @cenkuygur @Comey
keep grasping at straws my fine Young Turk... when Comey and dozens of other Deep State criminals end up in orange jumpsuits -- THEN we can talk about crimes!!
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Wk Hammack 21h
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James Thomson 8h
You should be ashamed, disgusting you’re still walking as a free person!
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Greg Ellsworth Apr 19
Thank you! We're behind you! 😎
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TruthSeeker@heart Apr 16
Replying to @JackPosobiec @OANN
Oh lord help us! He is the third Clinton and every bit as evil and corrupt. He did all he could to ruin my state.
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Garrett J. Guidinger 🌺 21h
Replying to @DonnaLynnNH @ewarren
She would've been crushed by the Clinton machine. Also, tell us why you're running with your platitudes, big donor PACs and special interests? .
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Chris Allen Apr 19
Why aren’t we looking at the We are still talking about which found nothing ..... Follow the bodies and look at
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NotPerfect-JustRight Apr 18
Replying to @ABC @CeciliaVega
I bet it's not as many as the
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MAJ Guynn 1h
Replying to @SenatorRomney
When you consider all the official corruption of the Obama administration & during the ‘16 election...It speaks volumes that no charges were filed.
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