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Lifting The Veil 1h
How about a class action lawsuit against CNN? Imagine if all who lost loved ones because of CNN's intent to hide the truth from the public, sued their asses??
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MAKING A STAND🐸⭐⭐⭐Text TRUMP to 88022 33m
Yes, how many people did the MEDIA "KNOWINGLY" kill because of their lies???????????
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Stock Market News Jul 1
Federman & Sherwood Announces Filing of Securities Against Brookdale Senior Living Inc.
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Kelly Spires Jun 26
Guess what! Today is Fri 6/26 and is still . DON'T buy a they build junk trannys and change the warr on a whim! Only takes 3 ppl for
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Mr Bonnett 29m
Replying to @tariqnasheed
Can America be sued for reparations?
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Honesty Jul 1
Replying to @mmpadellan
Ask the loved ones of the more than 127,000 people who died..... they should all join a for by and .
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Dee Dee 45 Jun 27
Replying to @charliekirk11
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mary manning 10h
Replying to @GovNedLamont @LGSusanB
Love how Lamont glosses over the reason why CT was so high. His puppet master Cuomo told him to follow his lead putting pandemic victims in nursing homes.
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Mike Bonafede Jun 29
Masks do nothing you fascists. How can we celebrate our independence when we have basic freedoms under the Constitution. This is madness free the American people!
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The_Lingerers_Vlog Jun 26
what a absolute mess. You guys are screwing passholders good. Bow im being told I can't book ap preview days if I have 3 reservations already? Hope you guys are ready for a this is beyond ridiculous.
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Marcia Laureano Jun 30
The People VS The US Government for Gross negligence
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Kelly Spires Jun 27
Sat 6/27 make sure you get rid of your before you have a $4000 repair bill. They have trannys on their van and most Jeeps. I wont buy another horrible cust service only takes 3
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Blackneto Jul 1
this is an opportunity for you & the other abused employees of to choose council for a . Your courage is inspiring others to come forward. Unite & bring yourselves .
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NoelleCampbell 2h
I want to sue for tortuous interference with my business. Is there a for this in ?
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KCLasVegas777 - TEXT TRUMP to 88022 3h
Replying to @AwakenedOutlaw
His fault. Face the responsibility. Hope people sue his pants off with a huge ...I hear they are very effective..
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🇺🇸#VoteTheGOPCesspoolOut2020 20h
cc READ the tweets under or R all of U cowards? See how frustrated people R trying to get what’s owed to them since March-THAT’S. 4. FRIGGING. MONTHS! WHY? What is YOUR problem? Do UR damn job-FIX THIS!
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joan macdermott fitzgerald Jul 2
sure before holiday weekend have the unemployment site crash time and time again so no one gets paid.... . And I am a republican!
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Tom Ruffolo Jul 1
Replying to @GavinNewsom
Time for a by CA restaurant owners against CA State
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Anti NWO Globalism Jul 1
Keep the Facts because I'm keep records to have you charged for violations of Presidential Executive Order of and Americans first Amendment Rights to FREE SPEECH!!!!
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Laura Portlock Richards Jun 30
Replying to @JasonSCampbell
against for the damage they’ve done to the Seriously.
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