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KF Consulting 30 Dec 17
Behind on Your Church or Ministry Mortgage, or other loan? Here’s a tip: Review your options! 🚨🚨🚨💵💵
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CPA Church 21 Jul 17
Are You Protecting Your Files?
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auxano 22 Dec 16
Are you experiencing these common themes of a church in financial disarray?
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Seth Waldrop 29 Dec 16
Great article on 4 common mistakes & how to fix them, by -->
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Nexonia 10 Nov 16
Find out how the CFO of this community church removed the bottleneck of credit card expenses
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joe 19 Apr 18
In what ways could churches say thank you to their givers (donors)?
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BCLC Church Lending Jan 27
The New Year brings an opportunity for churches to reflect on what God has already done and look ahead in faith to what He will do. Don't miss these 3 financial resolutions for your church to prioritize this year:
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CapinCrouse 31 Jan 19
A step-by-step guide to financial actions your board finance/audit committee should complete throughout the year. Via
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Todd Hukill 8 Jun 17
Dos and Don'ts of Housing Allowance
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Liberty Accounts Nov 14
Fully integrated with time-saving features and RTI filing . Sign up today for FREE TRIAL: handling
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KF Consulting 29 Jan 18
Churches and ministries: Are you filing the appropriate forms?? 📰📗💲💲💲
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Simplifying Church Expenses Through Business Prepaid Cards
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PEX 10 Nov 16
Discover a Better Way to Manage Church Expenses
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AcctTwo 9 May 17
The Top 4 Challenges of Departments...and Their Solutions
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Clergy Financial Nov 22
Check out the Church Finance Second Edition: The Church Leader's Guide to Financial Operations book is NEW in our store! Order yours now!
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Nexonia 14 Nov 16
Learn how this church accounting team found a better way to manage their ministers' expense reports
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Michael Castrilli 14 Nov 17
The church budget should never be used as a weapon of passive destruction.
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Here are simple tips that can help you cut back on church technology and media resource costs.
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TheChurchNetwork Dec 17
Let's talk about Audits. A new article by Vonna Laue is live on our site and chalked full of her best advice for churches prepping for an audit. 📑🗃️📅
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