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نوريا Jan 14
shah explaining jumla of 15lacs....desh aise chalate hai ye log..
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Abhijit Iyer-Mitra Feb 26
Replying to @Iyervval
5n note Seelampur to Jafrabad is one ugly almost contiguous slum, known for crime.
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Geeta Mohan گیتا موہن गीता मोहन Feb 2
Reports of firing at . Unidentified persons opened fire at Gate No 5 of Jamia Millia Islamia Univ; no one was injured. Cops are on the ground. SHO assures the ppl that he will stand all night with them.
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Sanghamitra Feb 18
Replying to @ArvindKejriwal
This is dedicated to people who on odd days fought for Sharjil Imam's right and on even days fought for Kejriwal to win. Their excuse: At least AAP doesn't do hate politics. This is their fight for human rights.
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pratyush Jan 13
Replying to @anubhavsinha
1. Orders from Desi James Bond 2. Republic Day Blasts 3. Attack on Pakistan 4. Deflect the CAA/NRC/Economy issue 5.
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Gargi Rawat Feb 24
Replying to @GargiRawat
Now Kapil Mishra appeals for peace .. after mayhem in Delhi
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Lalatendu  Mansingh Jan 28
Replying to @Odiapuo
* China is also considered Northeast of India as Chicken Neck. * Indian Communists are always saying Northeast of India isn't part of India.
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Patriotic Indian Jan 30
Replying to @ndtv
First, incite violence. Then, send a man armed with a gun to fire at the protesters and ask police to do nothing. And, then ask Police to take strict action against the man who they sent. Aap
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#Intolerant भारतीय (Sanjeev Goyal) Feb 9
"... Sabse pehle aap musalman bano, aur ki party ko pehchano"<<D.S.Bindra (General-Secretary of in )👇 Bindra is a hardcore Anti-RSS/BJP BIGOT .. Just listen to the POISON, he was giving to Muslims in this rally. 😎
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Videshi Kesariya 🚩 Feb 18
Replying to @rose_k01 @one_by_two
Sorry to disagree Rose, 's knowledge is "zero by one" = BIG ZERO 😁
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Vinay Kumar Dokania 🇮🇳 🖐️ Feb 13
What.. !!!! The Telegraph Trolled again, that too on "GOLI-ATH Discovers Valentines Day" 🤣
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Omar Ibrahim Hussain Feb 5
Aap chronology samjiye. Videos will be mischievously edited. News channels will run a media trial. Cases will be booked. Finally, truth will prevail. Brother , The Lord is with you.
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Gaurav V. Jan 18
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अपूर्व तिवारी Feb 23
1. MUDRA scheme. Give away 10 lakhs of depositor's money as collateral free loan to any businessman. 2. Restructure all MSME loans to prevent NPA slippage, but tell the public that it has been done to "handhold" stressed MSMEs. 3. Blame the banks for loss.
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abantika ghosh Feb 26
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Kaveri 🇮🇳 Feb 29
Driven by Islamophobia, Gokalpuri’s Hindus justify targeted arson of mosque, Muslim homes AAP
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Jintu Sharma Jan 4
New Post!!! Read my of the Classic at Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe! First watch the movie at Then read the review. 🤣
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Mahi Jan 27
2017-2020 Aap 🤣 Gangster - Self employment - Employment - Employer Only haters say the struggle is FAKE.
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Geeta Mohan گیتا موہن गीता मोहन Feb 1
... When ministers, people in responsible positions, incite violence (Holi maaro s****n ko), they should also be held accountable for the consequences... These draw strength from there.
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Shaheen Apr 19
Replying to @ShobhaBJP @OfficeofUT
Aap - Who promoted - Who felicitated convicts - Who didn’t bring law to stop incident is a for our society & calls for Introspection कम से कम जम्हूरियत में इतनी आजादी तो है-हमको खुद करना है अपने कातिल का इन्तेखाब
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