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Dr. Steven Phillips & Dana Parish Jun 17
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New research from the has found evidence of chemical changes and widespread inflammation in the brains of patients with chronic symptoms following treatment for Lyme disease.
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Global Lyme Alliance Jul 26
The new article “Maybe It’s Lyme. What happens when illness becomes an identity” by disregards published scientific research and ultimately hurts Lyme patients by dismissing chronic and post-treatment Lyme disease.
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LymeHope 7 Feb 19
infection exists. Well documented, no question. See 1992 article below. Denying this proven fact is resulting in untold suffering, neglect and dismissal of patients who suffer with persistent symptoms - or being labelled as belonging to a 'cult'. Shameful.
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“At the time, the medical community was saying that initial antibiotic therapy led to a cure,” Fallon said. “I found this hard to believe given the suffering among these patients. We needed to look further.” | via News
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“I never really had treatment (for the initial infection),” Wiester said. “I was one of five children, and I was the ‘sick kid.’ ”
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Dr. Steven Phillips & Dana Parish Dec 16
Dr. Phillips presented Grand Rounds to MDs at who were blown away by data on chronic & TBD. Education is key. Most stayed to ask further q’s & many recognized in their patients. Wanted to help. Watch here & see slides.
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The Lyme Army Jun 29
We will NEVER STOP FIGHTING for truth, dignity, respect, treatments,research, & a cure for this horrific disease! The truth is coming out & the ⁦⁩ & ⁦⁩ will not stop us! It’s time to do the right thing!💚💪🏽
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Trent Lapinski May 29
Here's everything I've learned so far while battling chronic Lyme disease. Be well everyone.
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Andrew C. Sep 14
85 Groups in 9 Countries Protest IDSA Lyme Guidelines: In the U.S., the IDSA’s restrictive Lyme treatment guidelines...have been used to Deny Treatment, Insurance Coverage, & the Medical Licenses of Lyme-treating Drs.
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It's Training Cats & Dogs, LLC🐘 Sep 12
Thanks for sharing, Margaret!
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Katherine Brookhouse Jul 4
Here’s the results of my Masters Diss research looking at and nutritional interventions! Presented this week at Findings =More research, personalisation of protocols and dr education urgently required.
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Ben Saari May 29
Over 63% of patients treated for continue to suffer debilitating symptoms not covered by insurance. The world can't afford to ignore this any longer! 💚 Our story:
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Nathan Grubaugh Jun 6
As we are now full-blown into the tick season, thought that is was a good time to post this really nice perspective from our MPH student Aaron Hentoff on the misguidance of Chronic Lyme Disease movement.
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Lymetreeclimber 13 Jan 19
Lyme community!! Diagnostic Testing page 2 line 21-3 page 3 line 18-8 page 5 line 22-4 page 3 line 20-9 page 12 line 1-i page 12 line 11-iii & more 👇
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Kristen Honey Sep 15
Dr. John Aucott says is *REAL* & disease patients measurable sick, statistically significant Validates Lyme w/ CL brain inflammation similar to in brains of football players
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Lynn Julian 12 Mar 19
The CDC blocks treatment access to because their Advisory Board owns patents! Their Lymerix vaccine FAILED in the 90s. A new vaccine coming... But NO treatments for (covered by insurance)
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UK_Property_Deals Feb 1
Long video of homeless man with 14 years Chronic Lyme in 🇺🇸 lost job, home,family,health..almost everything! 😮 learnings from story for victims pls do justgiving or gofundme page an I will share it here dm me if you need help
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Lymetreeclimber Jun 7
LAUNCH OF NEW DOCUMENTARY patients campaign for the recognition of Disease —watch trailer 👇 More info 👇
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LymeNow Apr 1
It is not uncommon for chronic Lymies to have good days (hours) and then relapse. How long do your good days usually last?
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