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Logan Laity 1h
Mac nerds who despise Hold ⌘Q to Quit in : Chrome Menu>Disable. On the plus, the toggle is accessible. Minus, it’s not in the App Settings (⌘,).
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Faheem 😒 16h
I found a great Chrome extension today. DF Tube. YouTube is not distracting anymore.
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Oswald Umeh 6h
My history automatically synched in. I don't know how that happened! So I think that answers your question.
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Oswald Umeh Apr 19
Replying to @JordanTheITguy
Have a good life on the . I am sticking with the more intuitive, and less irritating of the two. Edge has its merits, yes, but Chrome is just better.
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Adrian Wetherill Apr 13
Replying to @nicwatters
Or you could just use 😂
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William Rågstad 11h
When typing <1> or <x*> where x is a number and * is anything, and then a closing bracket with the same tag name, some browsers will output the first opening tag and its content, but comment out the closing tag...
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Bot 4h
Ctrl and click either the Back arrow, Forward arrow: Opens the button destination in a new tab in the background [02]
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Bot 5h
Press Alt and click a link : Downloads the target of the link [01]
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Lissa Weier Brunan 9h
👉Have you noticed in your CLASSWORK TAB on , you can now filter by TOPIC!?🔽 HINT: Use EMOJI'S to help break up text and have students easily identify different topics. Don't have one? I use Emoji Keyboard Extension🦄: 👍👍
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VS 36m
Replying to @LurisJame
This works too <img onmouseover=confirm`` height=99 width=99> <iframe onmouseenter=confirm``>
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Snap Geek Photography Apr 19
Keep having issues where won't load our site correctly no matter what theme I use. Spent all day on this issue and no fix found. Guess I need to make a splash page and ask visitors not to use .
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Jonathan 15h
A modern day classic. Anyone remember their childhoods being heated with one of these beauties. That familiar smell of burning dust as you turned it on. The warm red glow of a one bar heater?
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Hackers exploiting unpatched bug to target 500M users More:
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Kumar Amit 23h
The only thing good happening to user from this year so far is the Edge with Chromium build. Try you must. Good job
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Dave Taylor 15h
Okay, so you can delete, update and rename your bookmarks,, but when was the last time you did?? Here's a quick primer to help you tame those wild bookmarks:
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Nano Apr 14
The and light wallet extensions are currently in open beta, providing users with access to all of the essential wallet functions, right from their browser.
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Odisha Mining Corporation 22h
OMC registered rapid and better growth in production of Ore this year with an increase of 32.39% vis-a-vis to last year driven by improved productivity. We strive to achieve future expansions based on sustainable & strategic business growth.
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Bot 19h
Alt+F or Alt+E : Opens the Chrome menu [11]
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imagekit Apr 18
Starting Chrome 75, lazy loading will be made available natively in web browsers with the "loading" attribute. No additional Javascript files. Here is explaining how it is proposed to work
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Tejas Thakkar Apr 12
never saw this feature on before: 'showing previously fetched results - UPDATE'
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